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D3O® protective internal malleolus inserts on both sides, an innovative material that provides good protection and comfort. A new technology that offers the thinnest and most advanced impact protection. D3O® molecules move freely and allow the material to remain soft and flexible. On impact, the D3O® molecules, thanks to their characteristics, absorb and disperse energy.


Stylmartin footwear is equipped with a breathable and waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry at all times. 


Vibram® is the world’s leading brand of technical outsoles in rubber. Vibram® is synonymous of excellence thanks to its use of innovative compounds to ensure maximum grip and durability. Selected Stylmartin footwear feature Vibram® outsoles.


Rubber “Traction” outsole with dedicated grip areas in the heel and toe. The tread pattern with differentiated non-slip zones and drainage channels for mud and water ensure grip in all conditions.


A particular artisan technique is used to fix the upper to the sole. In fact, the upper is glued and pressed onto a midsole and then sewn by a special machine. The thread is treated with molten tar in a special boiler to make the thread itself and the holes waterproof. The Ideal construction process makes it simple to resole all type of footwear, giving them exceptional flexibility, torsional capacity while guaranteeing a high-quality finished product.


Our footwear is constructed with materials that promote excellent micro-ventilation. The technologies used are latest generation which ensure maximum comfort and breathability. 


The anti shock outsole is equipped with a shock absorbing insert in EVA

which provides greater stability in critical foot areas. Impact shock is reduced thanks to its cushioning effect, while guaranteeing better foot roll movement.


Stylmartin uses personalized outsoles with a special rubber compound. Designed to ensure good grip and adherence for all types and conditions and use.