What kinds of boots for motorcycle? Enduro

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What kind of boots for motorcycle: Enduro.


What kind of boots for motorcycle: Enduro.
Enduro is a type of motorcycle racing based on regularity races on off-road trails.
It’s very different from the traditional sport on the road, because it requires a great expertise on difficult grounds and the rider can’t achieve high speeds but he should be very e skilled and attentive. His ability is based on how he’s good to prevent obstacles in order to complete  as well as possible the trail.
The term “enduro” comes from “endurance” and it highlights how much resistance is important in this sport.
Obviously, in this discipline motorcycle clothes are fundamental, because the rider has to complete off-road trails full of obstacles. He has to control perfectly his motorbike and, usually, he has to ride for a long period. For all these reasons motorcycle boots and clothes should be the best.

The importance of Enduro motorcycle boots.

Riders who practices Enduro should pay attention to their equipment. They need  helmet, of course, gloves, trousers, pads, jacket and boots.
Boots are very important because they not only should support ankle and calf, but they also should protect foot and avoid contact with water and mud ( they’re usually waterproof).
Safeness is the key feature riding an Enduro  motorbike and the muddy and difficult trail can be very dangerous for the rider.
So it’s fundamental to choose high quality boots, which ensure great performance and prevent risks of injuries.
This kind of footwears should be high in order to protect ankles and calves, which are the most stressed areas of the legs. The structure should let the foot moving without too many constraints.
If the boots are too tight, they should cause many problems to bloodstream, which can affect sensitivity. Actually, riding Enduro motorbike, the rider is standing, pushing the weight forward. This is the reason why protecting  and supporting calf is fundamental, but, at the same time, the boots can’t humper blood circulation in order to prevent legs from numbness and cramps.
So, the best motorcycle boots for Enduro should provide a good compromise between stiffness (in order to support legs) and softness (in order to prevent maximum control of driving).

Motorcycle boots for Enduro

Buying your boots pay attention to the upper. It should be made of  reinforced polyurethane with higher level functionality.
Anyway, leather and microfiber upper are of highest quality because are more practical and enduring
Especially if you are a beginner you should prefer lighter boots, which ensure a higher flexibility.
The majority of boots is provided with a snap closure and adjustable buckle. This allows the rider to easily lace and unlace the boots. The closure are often provide with micrometrical buckles  composed by adjustable straps; in order to better adjust the closure it’s important to manage individually each device.
The tip of the boots should be reinforced with iron or steel devices in order to protect better toes, which are very vulnerable
​​​​​​​The most used materials are polyurethane (light and water-resistant), leather (very resistance) and suede (especially on malleolus where perform a anti-slip action).
The best motorcycle boots for Enduro should protect legs from mud and dampness.
This is the reason why it’s important to choose water-resistant boots with microfiber inserts. Also polyurethane prevent  water and dirt to penetrate into the boots in order to keep foot and ankles perfectly dry.
Sole should ensure stability considering the alteration of the sensitivity because of the trail conditions.
Usually they are made in resistant and anti-slip plastic materials, in order to keep a comfortable temperature and in order to be breathable.
In addition to this, soles have to be resistant because are the most subjected to usury because of the constant frictions.
It’s crucial to pay attention to pads; you should wear models provided with PU pads for calf and a very high protection in the external section of ankle, in order to ensure the maximal support to legs.
Many of the models are studied in order to ensure the maximal flexibility both front and back, in addition to avoid any constraint.
The fitting has to be personalized according to the individual needs, with a quite high tip and anatomical shaped malleolus, to prevent any friction.
Actually malleolus is very vulnerable; according to this should be resistant to collision thanks to reinforced section.
High quality boots should be comfortable but extremely safe especially according to ankle. It’s fundamental consider boots provided with anti-torsion devices, in order to protect this vulnerable section.
Enduro is an exciting sport but it requires great attention, not only riding the motorbike but also choosing clothes, helmet and boots.
Safeness should be the first aim, this is the reason why choosing only certified products is fundamental.