What kind of boots for motorcycle: Endurance
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What kind of boots for motorcycle: Endurance


What kind of boots for motorcycle: Endurance
Endurance motorcycle boots have to be certified according to the actual norms.
Usually this kind of boots are perfect in all seasons; they are realized with high quality materials and with innovative design, in order to be safe and comfortable

Endurance motorcycle boots: features

Endurance consists of very long races, in which two pilots ride the same motorbike and pit-stops are allowed to refuel and to change tyres.
Endurance is based on resistance; according to this pilot’s attention has to be at his best for many hours.
This is the reason why Endurance motorcycle boots should be very comfortable, safe and performing.
According to European certification norms,  Endurance motorcycle boots, should be at least 16 cm high from the sole, in order to support not only feet and ankles but also calf. They should also be abrasion-resistant; in particular you should be sure that they have second level certification, which means that they are abrasion resistant for at least 5 second.
Usually boots for Endurance are realized in leather and synthetic materials; leather is the top quality material, because it’s resistant but also flexible in order to allow all the movements needed.
Pads are fundamental talking about Endurance motorcycle boots; usually pads are on shinbone and malleolus. Talking about ankle, which is very vulnerable in case of accident, the best Endurance motorcycle boots are provided with anti-torsion devices in order to minimize injuries in case of accident.
Also toes are very vulnerable; this is the reason why the best models are provided with metallic reinforcement in order to protect this area from impacts and compressions.
Talking about the sole, it should be made of rubber with a structure designed to convey a perfect grip on the pedals and on the ground.
Also closures are important, because Endurance motorcycle boots should be easy to lace and unlace, especially in case of accident, in order to free the leg before swelling sets in.
Endurance motorcycle boots allow every biker  to be safe and comfortable

Endurance motorcycle boots: what to look for?

Talking about Endurance, comfort has to be the priority. Actually pilot will wear the boots for many hours and a perfect fitting is essential, in order to prevent distraction which can be very dangerous.
First of all you should pay attention to size. According to this is fundamental to try on your boots wearing your favourite socks. Innovative brands, like Stylmartin, designed motorcycle footwear which can be worn with cottony socks, without creating discomfort. However, if you prefer thickest socks is up to you! Anyway, pay attention to this when choosing your shoes.
Also pads are important. Talking about the best motorcycle boots pads are inserted into the lining in order to prevent any discomfort. However, pay attention to them.
Another suggestion is to try on the boots doing the same movements you commonly do on your motorbike; in this way you can be sure about flexibility and comfort of the boots.
Finally also finishes are important, because  they shouldn’t be too thick.
Today there are many models of Endurance motorcycle boots and every biker can choose the best according to his own needs. Anyway safety is always the first aim; according to this, make sure to choose only certified boots.