What boots to wear on motorcycle
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What boots to wear on motorcycle if it rains


What boots to wear on motorcycle if it rains
Every biker should ride his/her motorbike in every season and in any weather. This is the reason why bikers have to pay great attention to clothes and accessories

Rain consequences on motorbike journeys

Rain have different appearances. There’s continuous but soft rain, especially in autumn and often mixed with fog.
In winter, rain can be mixed with snow or can be icy, because cold temperature makes water drops solid.
In spring and fall showers are very common, often mixed with wind and usually very intense. In summer storms are very frequent.
According to this, biker can be often in contact with weather, which can change suddenly during the journey.
Consequences can be very annoying for the biker, who is forced to stay wet during the entire journey.
In order to avoid this problem, biker should buy the right clothes and, first of all shoes, because feet are the area most in contact with water and mud.
Actually, the best motorcycle boots have to be water-repellant and rain and snow-resistant

How to choose rainproof shoe covers

Bikers can choose between two options: rainproof shoe covers or motorcycle boots realized in water-repellant materials.
Rainproof shoe cover are provided with anti-slip sole and reinforced toes and malleolus, in order to fit perfectly on the boots.
They are commonly made in PVC. ideal in order to avoid water to adhere over the boots.
Usually they are provided with zips and elastic bands, in order to put them on and off very easily.
In addition to this, they are also provided with reflective inserts in order to be visible also when is dark.
Only the best motorcycle boots allow the biker to put on rainproof shoe cover wich are provided with an efficient sealant closure over the ankles.
This accessories are realized in synthetic materials and are, according to this, very easy to wash and reused.
When they are closed they are very small and the bike can always take them with him7her, also if it’s not rain.
Sometimes, they are provided with a bag useful to store them

How to choose the best rainproof motorcycle boots

For bikers who don’t like to use shoe cover, we suggest to buy motorcycle shoes realized to be water-resistant.
Leather is considered the best one according to realize rainproof boots, because it is resistant but also flexible.
It’s a natural materials and it is a multi layered structure material, which prevent water and mud to enter into the boots and protect feet and legs.
Anyway, you should immediately clean the boots to avoid water halos and stains over the boots.
However, on the market there are many specific products to use constantly over the leather in order to keep your boots good and performing.
Synthetic boots, such as boots made in lorica or Gore-Tex, provide an optimal water-repellency but you should pay great attention in their maintenance.
Especially over the closures or near the sole, there are areas where it’ easier for the water to penetrate.
In these cases is fundamental to use a specific spray in order to make this area completely water-resistant.
If you like this kind of boots, remember to avoid, especially in winter, boots with fabric inserts because they are not totally water-repellant.
Biker can also decide to buy motorcycle shoes (perfect in hot weather or if you travel by your motorbike), but remember to choose reinforced and water-resistant models.
In addition to this, an easy solution can be to use rainproof shoe cover, which you can hermetically close with the elastic bands when water is bad.
If you prefer a better protection without use shoe covers, you can buy synthetic boots, which you can wear in any season paying attention to their technical features.
All these solutions are very useful in order to avoid discomfort which rain can cause; each biker can choose according to his own needs.