The best motorcycle touring boots
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What are the best motorcycle touring boots?


What are the best motorcycle touring boots?
Motorcycle boots are the best choice for every biker who is looking for highest level protection.
They are perfect in all seasons, especially when weather is not so good; for example, in very cold or hot weather, when it rains, or it’s windy motorbike shoes are essential in order to minimize risks of accident.

Motorcycle touring boots: features 

Temperature changes can be very dangerous on motorbike, because feet in winter can go hypothermic and, in summer, can swell up with an impact on bloodstream.
The best motorcycle boots should be designed in order to prevent this discomforts, which can generate dangerous consequences; they should protect and keep feet warm in winter, but they should also be breathable in summer.
Due to innovative materials, these new boots can provide great performances and contribute to keep the perfect temperature for feet wellbeing.
Actually, biker has to have the total control of his/her legs and feet especially of the toes, which are very vulnerable; if toes are swollen or numb, it’s very difficult to ride safely.
Compared to motorbike shoes, boots can support also calf; however, they are both provided with innovative devices designed in order to protect ankles, very vulnerable and in great danger of injuries.
Ankle is the joint between foot and leg and it can face serious dangers in case of accident.
By wearing certified motorcycle boots, biker can be safe everyday, also in case of accident.
When the biker loses control of his motorbike, the most common injuries are caused by rubbing on the ground.
This is the reason why the best models are realized in resistant materials, such as leather and synthetic materials, which are lighter but provide all the protection needed.
You can find also leather boots with synthetic inserts, which allow breathability and prevent feet to overheat in hot weather.
It’s easier to ruin the upper; according to this you should choose models with double upper realized in innovative materials, resistant and efficient.
Water- repellency is very important too; feet and legs are often in contact with the ground and, also, with rain, snow, mud, which can’t enter the boots.
High quality models are realized by using specific waterproofing treatments, in order to protect them from snow, water, dust and mud.
Talking about fitting, size should be perfect because both larger than tighter boots are uncomfortable and dangerous.
Actually, feet and ankles should be comfortably housed in the boots, in order to avoid dangerous shift riding your motorbike ( if they are too large) or to prevent loss of sensitivity (if they are too tight)

How to choose the best motorcycle touring boot

First of all, you should consider that motorcycle boots are designed to be worn for a long time, especially talking about touring ones; biker who loves to travel by riding their motorbike, will wear the boots also during trips and tours by feet. 
This is the reason why you have to choose the perfect model and the right size.
According to this, you should try on the boots with your usual socks. Actually, innovative brands like Stylmartin design motorcycle boots and shoes which are very resistant but also very comfortable, also if you wear light cotton socks. However, especially talking about touring boots, it’s crucial for the biker to find the best model using the socks he/she prefer to wear in motorbike according to needs, habits and tastes.
In order to choose the best motorcycle touring boots, it’s also very important to pay attention to toe, because toes require the best of protection.
The best motorcycle boots are provided with reinforced toe which prevent any risk of dangerous compression.
Anyway, toe shouldn’t be too rounded, because it could impede to use correctly pedals; you should choose a compromise between protection and comfort.
Closures should be easy to lace and unlace, because, in case of accident, boots have to removed before the foot swells.
Usually, the best motorcycle boots are provided with closure composed by adjustable hooks, which perfectly fit on calf and ankles.
There are also models with reinforced zip, double zip and double straps or also with adjustable system made of zip and strap.
Talking about materials, the most uses are leather, often treated with waterproofing treatments, and microfiber, resistant and breathable.
Today there are many alternatives in motorcycle boots world and each biker can find the best according to his/her own needs, in order to begin the next journey with all the safety needed in order to enjoy it at best.