Finding the best motorcycle boots
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What are the best motorcycle boots on the market?


What are the best motorcycle boots on the market?

What are you looking for in motorcycle shoes?

Safeness is the key feature of good motorcycle boots, especially because most of the injuries for bikers are related to legs and foot. 
It’s necessary to buy only certified shoes with CE certifications and shoes that underwent scrupulous complying tests.
Another important characteristic which pay attention to is comfort determined by many factors such as fitting, model, materials, finishes.
Only if all these elements are together the boots can be useful and can fit perfectly on foot, ankles and calf.
Usually motorcycle boots are realized with leather or waterproof and water-repellent materials which offer a perfect compromise between comfort and safeness.
Soles are usually made of rubber which confers a perfect grip.
In addition to this any kind of boots need specific pads for exemple on the shin and on the malleolus. 
However, not only technical features but also aesthetic is very important. It’s crucial to choose always according to individual tastes and habits: some  people, for example, prefer to use knee-high boots, but others prefer ankle boots; on the other hand you can choose between technical shoes and motorcycle sneakers.

Knee-high or ankle boots?

Both are actually perfect to have control over your movements and they both protect well your ankles; in fact, there are models higher than the ankles, so they allow to keep the all leg in the right position.
Ankle boots are lighter and more versatile and especially in hot weather are more comfortable.
Knee-high models are usually made of leather, the ankle ones are usually in technical fabrics but the only significant difference is in the lightness.
Talking about aesthetic people who love a classic biker style would prefer the knee-high boots rather then people who are looking for something lighter and easier such as ankle boots.
Also outfit is crucial, because ankle boots are perfect with light and technical clothes, instead knee-high boots are a very important detail in the traditional cafe racer “uniform”.
The two models are equivalent talking about safeness and quality, but sometimes individual tastes are crucial in choosing knee-high or ankle boots.

Covered vs Uncovered

During the years have been many innovations in motorbike shoes. Today is possible for everyone to find the perfect shoes according to his own tastes and needs. There are so many models and all are certified to convey superior safeness and quality.
Today you can choose also between shoes that cover or not their technical inserts.
The traditional boots for example are beautifully designed, are solid and resistant and usualli are made in high quality materials.
Usually, they openly show all the insert which made them safe and high quality: reinforcements, pads, anti-slip sole and every element that ensure safeness of the boots.
On the other hand, there are shoes with a wonderful biker style but these one can hide protections and pads. These shoes are 100% safe but also people who don’t have a motorbike usually choose them for the iconic appeal that only biker style communicate.