Wearing the best motorcycle boots on holiday
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Wearing the best motorcycle boots on holiday


Wearing the best motorcycle boots on holiday
Touring motorcycle boots are the best for summer holiday, when the biker is going also to walk for short or long paths and hot weather can create discomfort.

How to choose the best motorcycle boots for holidays

Every biker knows how important are motorcycle boots for the all year. Safety is always the priority especially talking about feet and legs.
At the same time, it’s very important to avoid feet sweating and feet swelling caused by hot temperature. This can cause a loss of sensitivity of feet and this can be very dangerous riding a motorbike. Actually, feet are fundamental in order to ride a motorbike and, according to this, they should always be in perfect conditions.
Even if safety is fundamental, lightness is important too. This is the reason why touring models are realized in innovative materials. Technical fabrics are the most used for this kind of boots. Usually are also added internat removable pads, breathable but very resistant.

Prerequisite of touring motorcycle boots

Touring motorcycle boots need to be certified according to the actual norms. They have to be at least 16 cm high in order to better protect ankle and calf.
Quite often accidents involve malleolus and this can be very dangerous for ankles and calf.
This is the reason why these boots should be protective but, at the same time, very comfortable in order to support without squeezing.
According to this, synthetic materials are designed in order to support feet and calf (sometimes also provided with specific pads).
Sole is very important. It should be made in rubber and has to be anti-slip.
In order to protect well feet from rain and mud, the best motorcycle boots have to be water-resistant. Sometimes they are treated with specific materials. This kind of materials are very innovative and usually breathable.


If you choose the best ones, touring motorcycle boots are very comfortable also for walking. Actually they can support feet and ankles but are also flexible.
This is very useful especially when the biker has to do some path by foot and can’t change his/her boots.
It’s very important also to keep the right temperature for feet in order to avoid feet swelling and to allow the biker to ride very easily.
There are also protective sheaths to put over the boots when it is necessary: they are very easy to fold and store. Thanks to these accessories you can buy very light boots which can be used also under the rain.
Reinforced toes are another important feature of touring motorcycle boots because can protect well feet during your journeys.
Some models are also provided with external pads and reflector strips in order to ride safely also in the dark.
Talking about touring motorcycle boots closures are very important. Boots have to be easy to lace and unlace and closure has to be easy to manage.
Usually, upper is made in leather and padded lining is useful to improve comfort during your journey.
Today the most innovative models are realized in out-dry lining, water-resistant and breathable, but also rip and abrasion-resistant.

Whatever your preference is, talking about travels, protecting your feet is fundamental in order to enjoy your next adventure.