The best motorcycle footwears
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The best motorcycle footwears: shoes or boots


The best motorcycle footwears: shoes or boots
Motorcycling is a passion for many people. Motorcycling lovers every year decide to buy a motorbike and start unforgettable journey alone or with friends and families.
However, on one hand riding a motorbike you can feel extraordinary emotions, on the other there’s a very high risk of injuries. Everybody knows that travel by motorbike is more dangerous than by car and, according to this, specific protection devices are necessary.
Feet and legs are one of the most vulnerable areas of the body because, during an accident, they are the first to come in contact with the ground.
Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid accidents and this is the reason why protections are fundamental.
In order to protect correctly your legs motorcycle shoes are the most important protections, because they are designed thinking about the specific needs of the body. Talking about motorcycle footwear you can choose between boots or shoes.
This choice is not as easy as it seem; anyway we’re going to give you some suggestion in order to choose well your motorcycle footwear.

Shoes or Boots? Comfort

Riding a motorbike is always a great emotion, anyway it could be very dangerous without any protection. Unfortunately, some biker prefer to take more risk in order to ride comfortably. Actually, these bikers think that protection are bulky and disturbing.
After this introduction we’re going to compare the different models of motorcycle footwears,
Motorcycle boots are very good protections which protect foot and legs from impacts; they are higher and muffle the impacts.
Talking about problems, height and size can be very annoying. Actually you have to choose the perfect size not too large and not too tight.
Talking about motorcycle shoes, they are very comfortable and breathable.
They are also very comfortable and allow to move freely your feet. However also the best motorcycle shoes are lower and can protect only a limited area.

The best protection: boots or shoes?

Talking about protection, safety is the key feature to consider.
Which model is the best talking about safety?
Let’s start talking about motorcycle boots. They are a little more bulky but, according to this, they can protect a biggest area and talking about  safety they are the best ones.
They are high and cover also shin bones. In addition to this they are commonly in leather the most resistant at alla. This model of motorcycle footwear can be provided with other protection devices, for example anti-torsion devices which ensure the best of safety.
Talking about shoes, they are very different. Generally speaking  motorcycle shoes are lower and can’t protect the all leg.
They are usually made in synthetic materials, breathable but not as safe as leather. Actually they are designed in order to ride your bike in the city where flexibility is fundamental.

Which one is better when season changes?

This protections cover a large portion of the leg and, according to this, weather can cause some problems.
Talking about motorcycle shoes, they are perfect in hot weather, such as spring but also fall; however, during colder seasons you have to be sure to buy shoes which can keep feet warm. On the contrary foot can become numb and loose sensitivity.
On the other hand, boots are the best in winter because they cover the all leg and keep muscles warm. There also boots made in high quality leather treated to be more breathable. However, notwithstanding new technologies, you should consider that that motorcycle boots are designed to cover a large portion of the leg and if it’s too hot can be annoying.
In conclusion we could say that both models, if high quality ones, can be a very good alternative. What’s the difference? Biker’s needs and habits.