The best motorcycle boots in winter
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The best motorcycle boots in winter


The best motorcycle boots in winter
Travelling by motorbike is a unique experience and the biker can feel a special connection with everything around him/her especially nature. 
In spring and summer motorcycle journeys are very nice and enjoying. However, some biker are already thinking about winter and the best way to be protected, buying now everything is needed.
If you don’t want to give up also in rainy and cold weather, it’s very important to choose the best motorcycle boots to protect your feet also in bad conditions.
Stylmartin thinks everyday of all the bikers creating the best motorcycle boots. Stylmartin boots provide innovation, comfort and contemporary design

Motorcycle boots: why are they fundamentale

Often fashion and look can influence the biker in buying motorcycle boots. Motorcycling has always been associated with freedom, enjoyment and strong personality. Anyway, remember that the most important element to consider is safeness.
Motorcycle boots are fundamental talking about motorcycle clothing. They are very important for two reasons. On one hand they have to ensure a perfect protection to feet and legs in order to prevent injuries, on the other they have to be comfortable.
Talking about winter they are very important also because they can protect from bad weather and cold, which can be very dangerous riding a motorbike

Motorcycle boots make the difference

According to the actual norms, wearing motorcycle clothes, shoes and protection is mandatory.
Choosing the best motorcycle boots it’s fundamental to consider fitting. Actually, motorcycle boots have to fit perfectly because comfort is one of the first features to consider. These features are important also in winter and, according to this, it’s important to choose specific motorcycle boots for winter.
The best motorcycle boots in winter are obviously boots made in leather, because they are resistant but also very flexible. Leather boots can protect from cold temperature, humidity and keep your feet warm and dry in every condition. Leather is also water repellant and can protect very well foot and calf.
A good example is the model Matrix by Stylmartin: this model is designed for bikers who love long trips and off-road journeys, it is breathable and has a perfect fitting. In addition to this Matrix boots are DPI certified.
Another interesting model is Jack. These boots have an unforgettable style which brings together urban, touring and cafè racer styles. They are completely water repellent and are provided with inserto to protect malleolus. 
If you want a perfect protection but you prefer lighter shoes, you can choose synthetic boots. For example Shiver boots are made in water-repellent microfiber.
Every biker should be able to ride in every condition and motorcycle boots are fundamental for every biker. Comfort and safeness are always the most important features to consider.