The best motorcycle boots in summer
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The best motorcycle boots in summer


The best motorcycle boots in summer
Many people love to travel by motorbike also because new technologies made these experiences comfortable and exciting.
In order to travel safely you need specific protections. Protections are fundamental to avoid accident and be safe riding your motorbike.
Did you know that in case of accident feet and legs are the most involved? This is the reason why before leaving on your motorbike be sure to have all you need for a safe and comfortable ride

Travelling by motorbike: safety

Riding your motorbike is extremely exciting but also very dangerous.
According to this you should be prepared before starting your trip.
First of all consider the period of the year. Usually people love to leave in spring because temperature is perfect and weather is better.
On the contrary, summer is usually considered too hot. However, if you would like to start your journey on summer, don’t worry: you can start your trip safely!
Then, it’s very important to decide your route, in order to be conscious about the journey you’re going to do.
When everything is scheduled, it’s time to consider the most important issue: protections needed during the journey.
Helmet and the all others protections. But first of all think about legs: do you have the protections needed?
Obviously you absolutely need them. In order to ride safely you should buy the best motorcycle boots

Which motorcycle boots are the best?

 If you don’t know anything about motorcycle shoes probably you’ll choose according to aesthetic. Anyway, sometimes the prettiest motorcycle boots are not the best at all talking about performance.
Let’s start with 2 fundamental features. First of all motorcycle shoes have to fit perfectly on your feet. You can’t choose too large motorcycle boots to be more comfortable.
If motorcycle shoes are too large they can’t support correctly foot and ankles; if they are too short they can create discomfort, which can be very dangerous.
Another fundamental feature is certification: only if they have the EN CE13634 certification code they can protect your feet from abrasion and impact.
Talking about safety, usually motorcycle boots are better than shoes because they can cover a larger portion of the leg. In addition to this they are also provided with pads and devices to better support joints, first of all ankle ones.
Finally, also sole is important. It should be comfortable and soft, in order to walk easily during your stops. However, sole has to be anti-slip in order to be very safe

Summer heat and motorcycle shoes

Sometimes, especially when it’s too hot, motorcycle shoes can be considered too heavy and uncomfortable. However, they are fundamental to ride safely, also in summer.
Anyway, today you can choose breathable shoes which can reduce sweat formation. The best brands design shoes resistant and safe, but at the same time comfortable and breathable, due to innovative materials.
According to this you should only choose the best motorcycle shoes paying attention to these simple features.