What are the best motorcycle boots
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Safety: What are the best motorcycle boots?


Safety: What are the best motorcycle boots?
Safeness is the first aim for bikers in order to ride safely and enjoy the trip, so, choosing clothes and accessories, it’s fundamental to follow some important criteria.
When you have to choose between motorcycle boots or sneakers aesthetic is important, but first of all you should take care of some functional performance and safeness.
Riding your motorbike safeness should be your first goal, especially talking about protections of foot, ankles and calf, which are very vulnerable.

Best motorcycle boots: safeness requirements 

According to common opinion, talking about safeness, motorcycle boot are the best option, because  they protect not only foot and ankles, but also calf.
But, in some circumstances probably motorbike sneakers or ankle-boots are to be prefered. For example when the biker has to walk for a long stretch or in summer.
Actually, rider’s safeness is also related to foot sensitivity and vasodilation, caused by heat, can affect it.
The biker who prefer sneakers should know that, usually the best motorcycle shoes are provided with a specific system allowed to block laces and with pass-through holes designed to prevent the loosening of the lacing.
The tip of the boots should be tapering in order to allow the foot to get under the gear shift and to shift gear easily.
The sole, both in boots and sneakers, should be anti-grip ones, because, if  pedals are wet or dirty, they have to provide a perfect grip.
The best motorcycle boots are made with abrasion-resistant materials, such as leather or microfiber; leather is more resistant, microfiber is lighter and more breathable.
They, also, have to ensure the perfect support to ankle and calf, but they can't’ be too tight. It’s important in order to prevent any ankle torsion or flexion.
If you want to be sure about safeness of the boots, you need to prefer certified models, checking the label for the EN 13634 certification code. These are the only footwears which passed very severe compliance tests.

Best motorcycle boots: protection devices

Everybody understands how important are motorcycle boots, especially because in case of accident, foot and legs are the most involved.
If lighter shoes provide a 46% of protection, boots protect the biker 93%.
Actually foot have the greater contact with ground and get injured in different ways according to speed.
Also friction can cause accidents, because its intensity is related to many variables.
In this case, leather boots ensure the best safeness, because due to this resistant materials can protect foot and ankles.
They are provided with steel toe-cap which provide a perfect protection for toes, which are very vulnerable during an accident. 
Talking about ankles, certified boots are provided with anti-torsion devices, in order to keep ankle in the right position.
A good advice should be to prefer models with PU internal pads, very comfortable because they take the foot shape, support ankle and calf  but they are not too tight.
Boots should adhere perfectly, so you should choose your owns paying attention to pads and socks you commonly use.
According to safeness standards, motorcycle boots should be 16 cm high ; if you prefer ankle boots can enjoy the safeness of ankle support, but they can’t support calf.
Talking about safeness, closure it’s fundamental. It should be resistant but also easy to open and close if necessary.
Usually closure is composed by catch hooks and straps, for a perfect resistance and  an easy opening.
Also sole is not to be underestimated. It should be anti-grip and resistant, but it should also be very light.
Sole is commonly made of rubber, usually treated with specific substances in order to increase durability and performance.
Boots should have also anatomical insole to provide the maximal comfort.
Talking about protection devices, malleolus ones are very important for every biker, because they prevent dangerous torsion of this delicate joint.
According to this standard you can easily understand what are the best boots talking about safeness, but you should also consider you personal needs because each biker is different from the others. Anyway, what is very important is to ride safely looking for new feelings.