The Real Styl Riders: new 2021-22 Stylmartin campaign

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#The Real Styl Riders: how the new 2021-22 Stylmartin campaign interprets true soul Bikers


#The Real Styl Riders: how the new 2021-22 Stylmartin campaign interprets true soul Bikers

“Look, there is Pol!” The voice is spreading fast on the set: the creative director has arrived – he – the one who engaged this exceptional cast. All authentic riders, even though not all of them bikers, strictly speaking.
Excitement circulates like an electric discharge among Alessia, Kim, Francesco, Matty, Kit, Mattia, the crew assembled by Pol Tàrres, an Extreme Enduro professional, impressively selected by Stylmartin as its spokesperson for the new 21-22 campaign.
The cast knows it, Pol’s thought is that being a rider is more an attitude rather than something measured in “cubic centimeters”. It’s a state of mind. Being a biker is a wide concept that embraces also the ones who, after getting off the bike, take their bicycle or their surfboard and wear sneakers even to jump over a hardle. Because one’s lifestyle is what reveals his own inclination: living in search of adrenaline, recognizing the danger and being able to handle it, coping with fears and overcoming mental limits, bending more and more in the chicane of life.
Each one of the selected people knows that they are all accomplices, united by the same strong passion, even if individually practicing different disciplines. Riders recognize one another by instinct, this is Pol’s message in short. And when, by looking down, one sees a pair of Stylmartin, well, that is final confirmation.   
The launch of a campaign is like a new journey which has been studied, planned, long dreamed. And then, finally, the time comes: you lace your Stylmartins and go.
Pol and his crew lead our way. We’ll face this path together, on the social media and on this blog.