Wearing motorcycle boots
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Men wearing motorcycle boots: suggestions


Men wearing motorcycle boots: suggestions
Motorcycle footwears come from many years of study in which designer used the most different strategies in order to create the best motorcycle boots. Motorcycling and its different specialities required first of all performance and safety to the boots.
According to the fact that with motorcycling “riding” became something different and modern they decided to start with traditional riding boots. They protected feet by mud, ground, water. At that time the only useful material was leather which was very expensive and all the boots were handmade. 
When races and off-road  diffused they understood that motorcycle boots had to be different. The best motorcycle boots had to be choose carefully and they had to be useful. After the war many remnants allowed motocross lovers to wear military boots which inspired the modern motorcycling boots.
It was a long journey but it worth it considering the contemporary results.


Which models of socks we should wear with motorcycle boots? They should be light, but not thick, warm but also breathable, comfortable but also resistant. Stylmartin designed the best motorcycle boots beginning from the inside.
Forget about your grandpa using three pairs of woolen socks! Socks, wearing the best motorcycle boots, should be light and comfortable and they have to be respectful of the boots; actually the best motorcycle boots do all the work needed to support and protect feet and joints


It’s always important to talk about protection. The best motorcycle boots are designed first of all thinking about protection. Joints are, actually, the most vulnerable areas of the feet. The best motorcycle boots should stop your feet to do some movement but allow them to do others. We suggest you to try on the boots and to do some movements in order to understand if they are good for you


Fitting is very important and, also in this area, Stylmartin realized a perfect combination between freedom of movement and support on foot and ankle. Anyway, each biker should wear the boots, adjust the closure and take a few steps. Boots can’t be too tight or too large. They should enfold perfectly the ankle and ( how our grandma taught us) toes shouldn’t touch the boots. Only in this way you can find the boots of your life and Stylmartin realizes motorcycle boots which really last for a lifetime!


How to wear trousers with motorcycle boots? Over or under the boots? This is one of the most famous questions but there isn’t an answer. It depends. Aesthetic (but especially our girlfriends) says that trousers have to be worn inside the boots. In addition to this, also some technical consideration agree with this opinion.
However, the only rule is to follow the directions of the producer. For example, water-repellent trousers have always to be worn over the boots in order to better protect them. 
Also fabric of the trousers is very important. Leather is the premium quality materials also in this kind of production. Actually, there isn’t any material as abrasion-resistant as leather. Anyway, Cordura is a good replacement. In addition to this, protections on knees and pelvis are fundamentale. Today you can find also jeans realized with technical fabrics and certified.


Anyway, also style is important. We want that people see we are true bikers. There are many styles and they have to balance your taste and your comfort and safety. High quality leather and technical fabrics that you can find today are perfect for each biker.
Remember only to choose always the best motorcycle boots and, probably, the best motorcycle boots are Stylmartin ones.