Maintenance: how to clean motorcycle boots
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Maintenance: how to clean motorcycle boots


Maintenance: how to clean motorcycle boots
One of the most exciting experience at all is riding your motorbike living everyday new feelings.
Anyway, there are many risks riding a motorbike and, according to this, specific protections are necessary.
Among them, the most important are protections designed for legs because they are the most involved in case of accident.
In order to be very performing, protections need a specific maintenance, especially if biker use them in bad weather.
Every biker should takes care about his/her motorcycle shoes following the right process of cleaning.
Here we’re going to show you how to clean motorcycle boots.


First of all consider what you need in order to clean well your boots.
Using high quality products allow you to clean perfectly your boots without ruin them.
Randomly chosen products can ruin materials of your motorcycle boots.
First of all you need warm water, microfiber cloths and soft bristle brush, which is more gentle on leather.
These products are fundamental to clean every kind of motorcycle shoes; however, some models of motorcycle boots need specific products according to their materials or structure.
According to this lubricant spray, water-repellent products and grease can be very useful.
Due to this product you can take care about delicate or ancient motorcycle boots, which need more specific cares.
Neutral soaps are very useful but remember to choose only products which respect the features of your boots: for example, if you have water-resistant boots be sure to use a soap which can’t ruin them.

How to clean motorcycle boots

Let’s talk about cleaning.
First of all remember always that every kind of motorcycle boots, the cheapest or the best, can’t be washed in the washing machine. You always have to wash by hand your boots.
At the same time you have to let them dry on the open air.
The first step is to remove any removable section from your boots: pads, sole etc…
This is very important in order to preserve them from losing their shape.
Now you need a humid microfiber cloth (not too wet or too dry) in order to remove the dry dirt which is over your boots.
Now you can use soap!
Be sure to use a neutral soap which respect materials and features of the shoes. Use the soft bristle brush to remove all the dirt from the boots without ruin them.
Now boots are completely clean, you need only to use microfiber cloth to complete your procedure.
Anyway the last step is the most important: let them dry. You need an open air space protect from the sun.
Shoes have to dry in a natural way. Sun can ruin your shoes also if they are the best motorcycle shoes!
When your boots are dry you only have to insert the removable parts and your cleaning is completed.