How to waterproof and clean motorcycle boots
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How to waterproof and clean motorcycle boots if It rain


How to waterproof and clean motorcycle boots if It rain
It’s crucial to take care about its own safeness, especially when riding a motorbike weather isn’t good. No detail should be overlooked.
This is fundamental also for motorbike shoes, because, especially after a riding under the rain, it’s necessary to do maintenance as if they were our most precious shoes. 
Here are some suggestions to take care of your shoes successfully.

How to protect your shoes riding under the rain


When you’re riding your motorbike and weather gets worse and worse you need to think about your feet. You have to cover them in the right way, in order to avoid them getting drenched.
Generally speaking you can choose between two different ways, both effective but very different according to comfort and ease

The first one is the most practical. Wearing waterproof motorcycle boots is the safest system to protect your feet from rain. Usually this kind of shoes are realized with  waterproof lining. It is breathable but can let foot perfectly dry. The external material is water repellent and prevent the water to penetrate into the shoes

But if you prefer to be different it’s time to bring out the tarp! You can wear water repellant overboots. This is a very efficient solution because they can protect also the upper and the leg; however is sloppier and a little bit uncomfortable. You have to laced them up over your shoes and provide a perfect grip also under the rain

Anyway these are opportunity to discover and you need to try them in order to find the best for you. The aim is only to keep riding your motorbike to the next stop taking care about safeness. Both solutions not only prevent foot and shoes to get wet, but also  facilitate a comfortable riding because keep a perfect grip during the trip. You only have to choose which one fits better to your needs and habits.

How to clean well your boots after rain

Obviously when your shoes are wet, bootmakers suggest  to clean and do maintenance as soon as possible. To learn more about cleaning of your boots check this article.

First of all you need to brush the surface of the boots in order to clean any traces of mud. In order to remove surface stains, neutral soap is good enough. You only need to use a sponge a little amount of it.
Then you have to remove the insole from the boots. Here it’s time to let the boots dry but pay attention to keep the closure in the right position; in this way the boots will keep their shape once they’re dry. Finish treatment is different according to boots materials. if your boots are realized with waterproof and breathable materials, we suggest to use specific products to prevent boots to ruin. The same for boots realized with non treated full-grain leather or in any situation in which boots are made in sensitive materials.
Many sporty models have internal polyurethane inserts. In this case an hydro repellent spray is enough to restore the boots after a terrible rainy day. 
Stylmartin provide a complete line of product realized to take care properly of boots and shoes, in order to achieve maximum results and prevent the boots to ruin. You can choose spray, grease or cream according to your needs.
We want to suggest you a little trick to dry up your boots quickly.  Stuff your boots with white fabric, or insert some journal paper and remove it any time it become wet. Now it’s up to you to choose your favourite method.
In the end the aim is to ensure the best condition for your feet taking care about some little details to prevent shoes to ruin. In this way also riding under the rain can be very exciting but always safe!