How to style motorcycle boots
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How to style motorcycle boots


How to style motorcycle boots
Motorcycle boots are effectively accessories. Motorcycle boots should match with your clothes. Biker’s clothes change according to season, weather and especially it depends on what kind of motorcycling biker practices.
Let’s try to shed some light on motorcycle boots style

Urban: fancy

Urban motorcycling is not comfortable at all. We ride in traffic, parking can be very stressing, we run errands by foot or, probably, we wear suits for meetings. It isn’t, obviously Mugello Grand Prix, but is not so easy. Our boots have to match perfectly with formal wear. 
According to this motorcycle shoes should be fancy but also abrasion resistant. They should also resist to weather, pedals and other impacts. They can be made in suede, with laces; you can prefer ankle boots or shoes. Anyway they should be resistant, safe and CE certified

Urban: casual

With casual outfits, sneakers are the best choice. However, safety is always the first aim and some brands, like Stylmartin, designed many models of motorcycle sneakers, stylish but also resistant and safe. You can choose among many colours and finishes; there are laces, straps, rubber sole… They are all provided with anti-torsion devices in order to protects ankles

Cafe Racer

Have you ever wonder what Cafe Racer means? Cafe Racer is used talking about aggressive motorbike, they are strong  and bold, personalized with big tyres, charged riding system; they are quite always single-seater but, first of all they have a specific feature: this kind of motorbike is usually parked in front of cafè and the owner looks at curious who admire this jewel. It’s pure hedonism, it satisfies ego. Obviously clothes and boots are fundamental in this context. In order to choose well you have to use your imagination. Imagine a scene: you’re riding slowly your motorbike and you enter the parking of one of these famous cafes. You jump over your bike and everybody is looking a at you, envious.
You need leather ankle boots, very powerful and stylish, black, brown or grey. Feel the vibes?
Anyway remember to prefer only certified boots


If you are used to motorbike travels you feel the best of emotions. Destination doesn’t matter, only the journey matters if you are on your motorbike.
Anyway, if you spend a lot of time on your motorbike you have to choose well your boots.
Both in summer and in winter high boots are the best choice; you should prefer motorcycle boots made in technical materials but also stylish. The best touring motorcycle boots match perfectly with leather pants but also jeans and lighter ones.

Off-road - Trial

There are many off-road specialties in motorcycling. Talking about trial you need lighter  and water-resistant shoes. They should be provided with antishock pads and they should be designed  considering that you need high degree of sensitivity on the feet. Usually they are realized in microfiber. But, first of all, you can enjoy all the colors you like

Off-road - Enduro

Leather is the premium quality materials because of its resistance. Style and performance in Enduro have to be intermingled. The best Enduro motorcycle boots have to be resistant, made of resistant and comfort leather. They should be water-repellant in order to be allowed to resist to rain, mud and dust. Calf are provided with pads in order to be impact-resistant. Also pants should be made in leather or technical material in order to be abrasion and impact-resistant. 
Stylmartin provide every biker with models which meet their needs and styles; anyway they are all certified and safe. Choice is up to you!