How to size motorcycle boots?
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How to size motorcycle boots?


How to size motorcycle boots?
It’s very important to choose the right size of your motorcycle boots, especially talking about performance and comfort; too tight boots can limit movements, too large ones are not safe for the biker.
Here there are some advice in order to better understand how to choose the perfect size of your motorcycle boots.

Risks when you wear the wrong size

First of all, boots can’t be too large, because they have to support the foot. Actually if feet are allowed to move without any support, it would be very difficult to have control of them. However the biker has to control each movement in order to ride safely. In case of accident, too large boots can’t support legs and joints, contributing to serious damages.
When you size your motorcycle boots, you have to avoid too tight ones. First of all, if they are too tight can impede the correct movement of feet and ankles; in this condition the biker can’t manage correctly pedals.
Talking about physiology, too tight boots can affect legs bloodstream and this condition could be the cause of swelling or tingling in the feet. Talking about swelling, probably will be difficult for the biker to wear long the boots; tingling, on the other end, creates a great discomfort which can distract the rider. Both the two condition can be very dangerous.

How to size motorcycle boots? 

You should pay attention to some feature in order to choose the perfect size of motorcycle boots.
First of all you should  know that things have changed from some years ago.
The most innovative brands, like Stylmartin, developed new techniques in order to create new motorbike footwears; they are realized in leather or microfiber and they are, at the same time, very resistant and very comfortable. This situation contributed to change they way to size motorbike shoes.
In the past many experts suggested to try on shoes using thick knee-length socks. Actually, old school motorcycle boots were very rigid and, especially the first few times, could create some discomfort to the rider. But today things are very different and modern motorcycle boots are designed to be worn with simple cotton socks.
However, also according socks it’s very important to follow your own needs and habits; so, if you are used to wear thicker socks, consider them choosing the size of your boots
Another important advice is to try the boots doing some movement you commonly do on your motorbike, in order to consider well if the boots fit perfectly or not on your feet and legs
Last but not least, pay attention to internal removable pads, which make the boots thicker
If you are used to buy your shoes online, probably will be more difficult to be absolutely sure about the size; anyway pay attention to these elements before adding to cart your favourite boots.

These are only some suggestions in order to choose the right size for your boots, but you always have to remember that each biker should choose his/her own motorcycle shoes according to many subjective variables: needs, habits, tastes. Anyway, the first prerequisite which is always fundamental is safety, in order to enjoy this amazing sport at best.