How to lace motorcycle boots - the best closures
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How to lace motorcycle boots - the best closures


It’s clear that motorcycle boots are more performing than common ones talking about safety and comfort.

Prerequisite of good motorcycle boots

Riding a motorbike, weather can suddenly change; in summer hot weather alternates with storms. In winter, biker has to face snow and ice.
According to this, the best brands designed specific clothes for bikers paying great attention to motorcycle boots.
Feet are fundamental for the biker, because gear shift and break need feet to be managed. Feet can’t be wet or cold in order to avoid circulation problems.
Very often a bad bloodstream coming from cold can cause tingling and loss of sensitivity on the feet.
The best motorcycle boots are realized in water-resistant materials, generally synthetic ones, or if they are in leather they are treated with water and snow-resistant products.
Fitting has to be perfect and comfortable, in order to allow feet to move. At the same time they can support feet, in particular ankles which are very vulnerable.
malleolus is very vulnerable too, especially in case of accidents.
Also size is very important and has to be perfect in order to ensure the best performance.
In addition to this also closures are important. Motorcycle boots have to be easy to lace and unlace, especially in case of accident

Motorcycle boots closures: hooks

Motorcycle boots has to be easy to lace and unlace, because, in case of accident, they have to be removed as soon as possible.
Closure with adjustable hooks is one of the most used system because is resistant but also very easy to manage.
This kind of hooks allows the boots to fit perfectly on the leg, supporting feet but also allowing them to move freely.
Certified according to the actual norms, these closures are very safe but also easy to unlace.
Usually these closures are located over heel area and contribute to support ankle and calf.
Innovative systems allow to open and adjust perfectly the boots on the leg.
Self-aligning hooks are today a must-have for every biker because they are adjustable according to the needs of each biker.
Also hooks with TPU belts are very used. They are very performing and flexible.

Closures with buckle and zip

Metallic buckles are also very useful because they are adjustable and flexible. They are very used but a little more difficult to manage than hooks closures.
Another interesting options is zip closure covered up by straps which allow to use two different safety systems.
Zip is commonly put on the back of the boots and can be adjusted according to the biker’s needs.
In order to convey the best of safety, many models are provided with a reinforced system composed by a metallic zip covered up by strap and adjustable buckles.
They are very safe but also very easy to manage because they required only one gesture to be opened.
All these innovative systems are realized in inox steel covered by synthetic materials (nylon).
Sometimes they are also provided with specific system which allow the boots to fit perfectly on the leg of the biker without squeezing the leg. All these systems are provided with self-locking mechanism in order to resist to motorbike vibrations.
These are the most used closure by the most famous brands. Each biker should choose the best according to his/her own needs.