How to clean motorcycle boots
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How to clean motorcycle boots on the road


How to clean motorcycle boots on the road
Long motorcycle trips can be an extraordinary experience, however one of the most common problems is related to cleaning of the boots. Actually motorcycle boots are always subjected to weathering, dust and mud.
When you buy high quality motorcycle boots it needs to  do a lot of maintenance in order to keep their original feature.
According to this is fundamental to do the right maintenance also on the roa

The importance of maintenance of motorcycle boots

After a long day riding your bike, cleaning clothes, helmet and boots is not so exciting.
But, especially talking about boots it’s crucial to clean them as soon as possible  because dirt and mud can accumulate on the surface and can become very difficult to clean up.
Talking about leather boots, water and mud can create damp patches which ruin permanently the shoes.
If boots are made in microfiber or synthetic materials, water and dirt are easier to clean but you have to be fast. 
Generally speaking it’s always important to do maintenance as soon as possible, because the more mud and water stay on the surface of boots the hardest will be cleaning them.
According to this it’s important for the biker to have always, also on long trip, all he/she needs to clean well his/her boots.
Usually you need: two brushes, a stiff-bristled and a soft-bristled one; a soft woollen  cloth and a microfiber one; finally you need some sponge to wet.
Talking about products you can simply use some  neutral soap but if you want to be sure about their compliance to the materials of the boots brands, like Stylmartin, provide their specific products for maintenance of the shoes.
An abrasive sponge and some little brushes can be useful too.

How to clean motorcycle boots 

First of all you need to clean the thickest dirt on the surface and then you can do a more specific cleaning; use a stiff-bristled brush to remove dried mud, if needed use also an abrasive sponge.
Pay attention: you have to use this brush only on the sole, never use stiff-bristled brushes over the surface of the boots. If you don’t have necessary tools you can simply use a toothbrush.
After this you can continue with your boots cleaning.
In order to remove the all dust  you can use flat brushes which can reach also the slots in the sole and the seams.
Then use sponge with a neutral soap; if your boots are made in leather you should use specific products, while talking about synthetic materials you only neutral soap is enough.
For stubborn stains you can buy specific a spray or mousse, pH neutral, which can remove also the worst stain. 
In order to remove deeply the dirt it’s necessary to keep the product act for a while, because it has to penetrate deeply to remove all the stains.
When all the surface will be clean, probably the boots will be matt. This is the perfect time to use grease (leather) or spray (microfiber) to polish the shoes.
Usually the best brands provide all the products needed to do a perfect maintenance of your boots.
In order to spread the product all over the surface of the boots usually it’s useful a woolen cloth because it doesn’t leave any residues on the leather; while microfiber cloths are perfect over synthetic materials.
Anyway you have to be sure that the boots are completely dry before polishing them.
The best motorcycle boots have internal pads which can be removed and clean accurately with soap and water.
This is important in order to remove not only the dirt but also bad smell and residues stored into the boots.
Also extractable plantar can be removed and cleaned.
If you don’t have too much time to clean this important devices you can simply spray water and alcohol, which can remove bad smell penetrating deeply into the fabric.
Pay also attention to clean well zips and buckles, because here bacteries can deposit and ruin the materials.
These are some simple advices to clean correctly your boots also on the road.