How to clean motorcycle boots
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How to clean motorcycle boots after rain


How to clean motorcycle boots after rain
The best motorcycle boots are designed in order to protect, support and be comfortable on the feet. In addition to this they have to be performing in every condition, especially the worst. The legendary real biker, who fearless rides his motorbike everyday, if it rains or not, should be provided with the best materials. However, he also should take care about his boots. Taking care of your motorcycle boots it’s an important moment, sometimes relaxing but always useful


You don’t need specific equipment. First of all you need a neutral soap which can be suitable for the leather of your boots. If - like the modern ones - your boots are water-repellent, soap has to be suitable with this feature.
Then you need also warm water, clean cloths (microfiber is the best option) and a soft-bristle brush. Depending on the use, the age and the conditions of the boots, you should use also a silicone lubricant spray, something special to treat leather, grease and hydro-repellent products.


First of all you have to remove the dirt and dust, which mixed with water produced a layer of dry dirt. You should clean with a clean and humid (not soaked or dry) cloth the entire boots, also on the seams.
Before starting with nest step, remember always to remove any removable section of the boots. These are parts which model on the foot due to warmth of the body and it is a condition to preserve. Actually, only after many journeys this is possible,
Next step consists in using neutral soap; you can find many soaps specific for this use but you can use also traditional sopa; remember only to use one which respect your boots.
Soft-bristle brush is useful to really clean the shoes. We suggest to leave on the soap for some minutes in order to dissolve dirt. Use again the humid cloth in order to remove the residual dirt.
Pay attention: do not wash your boots in the washing machine. Never!


Exactly like washing-machine also dryer is forbidden!
Actually, you need to remove the excess of water with a dry cloth, then let the boots dry in a dry, shady and airy place. Remember to close all the closure in order to keep the shape of the boots. Sole and other removable section can be re-insert only after this step.


Silicone spray can be very useful to treat metallic or plastic closures. You can buy it in sport shop or in hardware stores. It is fantastic because protect your boots from water and lubricates them.
Traditionally, the best motorcycle boots are made in leather; today, full-grain leather boots are treated with products which make boots water-repellent and long lasting.
Talking about full-grain leather is forbidden to use natural or synthetic grease. You only need a protective spray.
However, ancient boots are different, they come from many battles and are always ready for new experiences. Sometimes, after many years we can suspect that our ancient boots are losing water-repellency. Actually, is very difficult that leather leave water to pass, seams are more subjected to age. In this case you are allowed to use grease and, due to a little tooth brush, you should patiently massage it over the seams.
Romanticism is the essence of motorcycling and, according to this, we can talk about that boots inherited by your grandfather, realized in “greasy leather”. These boots hasn’t specific treatment except grease. Probably, if boots are very old the original grease has gone and washing them probably is not a good idea. According to this, you can use the same grease you commonly use on the seams.
Anyway, the best motorcycle boots are technological accessories and you have to take care about them with innovative products.


If you have more than one pair of motorcycle boots and you use to alternate them, or if you don’t use motorbike for long periods remember that you shouldn’t store them in plastic bags. Air, actually, it’s fundamental to prevent mold and bacteria.
You should store them in an airy wardrobe or anywhere else but remember that they should be stored in a closed place and you should cover you boots with cloths in order to prevent dust.