How to buy motorcycle boots?
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How to: buy motorcycle boots.


How to: buy motorcycle boots.
Motorcycle boots have to be chosen carefully. Considering how many riders, involved in an accidents, had injuries on their legs and feet, shows how important is to buy certified motorcycle boots. Here is some advice to buy motorcycle boots following the right approach, in order to feel all the joy and excitement coming from this amazing sport.


Looking for motorcycle shoes you have to pay attention to EN 13634 certification. According to this, proper motorcycle boots should be rigid, shock-resistant and abrasion-resistant; in addition to this they should stay unchanged stressed by blunt objects. Foots, ankle and calf should enjoy the maximal protection, but also an extreme comfort.
It’s very important to choose company who comply with this norms. There are two different levels of certification; level 1 (commonly associated to street boots) and level 2 ( usually assigned to racing boots). They both denote resistant boots complying with safeness rules, but the difference is in the time of abrasion-resistance: 5 second for level 1 and 12 second forl level 2. It’s crucial to verify from the label, for sneakers, high or ankle boots.

Distinctive elements

High quality motorcycle boots have to comply with the aforementioned certification. Common sneaker are not enough to ride your motorbike safely. We want to suggest you the parameters for choosing safe and reliable motorbike shoes.

- Size and shape

First of all, size of the boots has to be perfect. If they are too tight, they should cause problem of sweating and circulation. If they are too large, they should allow foot to move too much without the proper protection. Comfort is fundamental too, because the rider should be allowed to drive without any discomfort, which could be very dangerous.

- Design

Motorcycle boots are designed paying attention to many technical features in order to grant maximal protection, extreme resistance and absolute comfort. Ols the footwear height from the sole should be more than 16cm, in order to provide extreme safeness for foot, ankle and legs.

- Sole

Everything related to the sole is very important. A sewed sole is better than a pasted one. Pasted soles can ruin easily if the boots are scraped on the ground, and it is a important detail.

- Closure

Closure is fundamental when you’re looking for the best motorcycle boots. Zipper closure probably is not enough to be comfortable with your own shoes; actually adding also strap could be better in order to reinforce the closure and enhance fitting.

- Materials

To conclude this little list of suggestion let’s talk about materials.They should be made in leather complying with certification standards or high-resistant plastic materials. Anyway, the leather thickness should be  superior to 2,5 mm and the sole thickness should be more than 4 mm.

Some suggestion for ankle or high boots on motorbike.

Let’s come back to our first question: how to choose motorcycle boots? First of all check the label for EN 13634 certification code and for 1 and 2 levels. Then, when you choose your boots, you should try them on taking the traditional riding position. Foot have to move well, toes should be free to move, ankle has to be protect. As we already said, too tight or too large boots can cause discomfort or pains.
Taking all the time to choose properly is fundamental in order to buy the best motorcycle boots. Protections, breathability, comfort are all element to consider carefully. But first of all you should pay attention to the way in which you commonly use your motorcycle boots. If you use your boots the all year, water-resistant membrane is fundamentale. Leather upper can protect but ensuring the maximal breathability.
These are our suggestion in order to choose properly you motorcycle boots. Anyway, remember that each biker is different and you always should pay attention to your own needs.