How to buy and preserve motorcycle boots
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How to buy and preserve motorcycle boots


How to buy and preserve motorcycle boots
Young and adults share many passions but among them passion for motorcycle is one of the most famous.
Today many people decide to start a journey on their motorbike together with friends, families and lovers.
Why? Obviously, they want to live a different experience, which is also unique and unforgettable. Actually from each journey you receive new wonderful feelings.
However, motorcycle journeys are subjected to rules very important to be followed. In particular, riding a motorbike you need specific protections in order to ride safely.
Generally speaking, accident are quite common and in many cases consequences can be very dangerous for the biker; this is caused by many elements: first of all the dimension of the motorbike, the contact with the ground or the absence of protections.
Actually protections can save biker’s health and life! This is the reason why we want to suggest you the best way to choose and preserve motorcycle boots

How to choose motorcycle boots

Deciding to do a motorbike journeys you should consider how important are protections. In particular legs need a special protection, because they are the most subjected to accident. During an accident, legs are the first part which comes in contact with the ground and according to this they should be supported and protected.
However, choosing the best motorcycle boots can be very difficult because you can find many different models and brands on the market. We’re going to give you some simple suggestion to choose only the best motorcycle shoes.
First of all, you have to choose the best model according to your needs. According to this you should have a generic idea about the shoes you need: for example if you need shoes for summer or winter, or if you prefer boots or sneakers.
Then you can start to think about all the other needs. Talking about features you should pay great attention to comfort, sole and pads for example.
If you are going to do your motorcycle holidays, probably you need shoes which are very comfortable also if you have to walk for a long period.
Size is another important feature in order to choose the perfect model for you. Your feet have to be free to move, so shoes can’t be too tight; however, if they are too large they can’t support well feet and ankles causing dangerous movements.
In addition to this, sole has to be large enough in order to contain the all foot; on the contrary shoes can be easily ruined.
Finally, also materials are very important. Leather is the top quality one. Actually the best motorcycle boot are made in leather which is breathable but very resistant

How to preserve motorcycle boots

Imagine this scene: you’ve finally found your perfect motorcycle boots and decide to use them immediately. But after a couple of weeks you notice something weird. What happened?
They are already ruined. Why this happened?
Probably you’ll notice something weird especially over the left shoe. Why?
Pedal gear shift cause many discomfort for your shoes; you move the pedal upwards and downwards and this is the reason why your boots get ruined.
Also weather can ruin your boots: rain, mud, sun can have an impact on the material of your motorcycle shoes.
Does a solution exist? Of course!
First of all, be sure to choose only premium quality brands, which use only the best materials in order to create resistant and long lasting motorcycle boots.
Finally, take care about your boots doing some simple but periodical maintenance.