How important are motorcycle boots?
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How important are motorcycle boots?


How important are motorcycle boots?
Together with helmet and suit, motorcycle boots have to be part of biker’s clothes in order to ride safely your motorbike.
Motorcycle boots, when certified, are safe and performing, so they are very useful not only in case of accident but also in everyday life

Prerequisites to choose the best motorcycle boots

In order to protect feet, ankles and calf, it’s very important to wear motorcycle boot; they are important also in order to ride safely.
Motorcycle boots allow the rider to manage easily pedals and provide the best protection, especially for toes.
Choosing your motorcycle boots you should pay attention to materials; usually leather is the most used materials, because it is resistant but also comfortable, especially riding your motorbike.
Leather support calf, ankle and foot and prevent fractures to malleolus, ankle or the other leg bones.
Between the most innovative materials, microfiber is very used, because of its performances. It is considered perfect in order to replace leather because it’s more scratch-resistant-
Often microfiber boots are provided with reinforcement put on both sides of the leg, in order to make them more resistant but also more flexible on the instep.
Also Gore-Tex it’s a very good materials because it is resistant but also very elastic.
The inner of the shoes is commonly realized in synthetic material, such as nylon, which is used in order to keep the perfect temperature in all seasons.
Polyurethane pads is commonly insert into the leg and make the boots really water-resistant.
Polyurethane and nylon can be used also into malleolus and toe, in order to make the shoes more comfortable  where are commonly insert metal reinforcement.
Also sole it’s very important; it should be designed with grooves which make it resistant and anti-slip.
Usually sole are realized in plastic materials, such as MX rubber with specific reinforcing mixture.
You should consider that sole has to be as resistant as possible and they have to provide a perfect grip on the ground in order to assist maneuvers, especially when contact between foot and ground is required.
Talking about motorcycle boots, also closure is very important and today you can find different models with different closure; you can choose zip, metallic buckles with safety lock and they are all adjustable.
The most innovative provide also strap together with buckles and zip; it helps to make the closure safer and, at the same time, it is useful to have a perfect fit of the boots

How to choose motorcycle boots

Many bikers prefer motorcycle shoes because they are lighter and comfortable, especially in summer.
However, you have always to consider that only certified models (provided with EN 13634 code) can ensure excellent performance especially talking about sole stiffness and height ( almost 16 cm from the sole).
Even though they are very comfortable, the best motorcycle shoes are not ideal if you ride on track; they are very useful for bikers who practice motorcycling like a hobby.
Obviously, boots offer a better protection than shoes or ankle boots, because they can protect also calf. Actually, high boots support calf and protect it also from  rain, wind or snow.
This is the reason why the best motorcycle boots are provided with an internal pads, whose role is to protect and support toes and ankles.
Into the boots are also put reinforcement for malleolus, very resistant in case of accident.
These devices don’t affect comfort because they don’t compress the calf.
Motorcycle boots have to keep feet and ankles in the right position, and reinforcements have this important job. 
However, boots have to be also flexible in order to make biker’s movement easy. actually, they adhere perfectly on the ground and provide a perfect sensitivity.
Also finishes have to be designed in order to be comfortable on the leg, usually the best models are provided with flat fell seams.
Talking about aesthetics, the best motorcycle boots are stylish and each biker can find the ones which are perfect for his/her own tastes; leather boots are ideal for biker who is looking for boots ideal in all seasons. Microfiber boots are more stylish and perfect for bikers who don’t like uniform but prefer change clothes and accessories.
Everybody can find the best motorcycle shoes according to his/her tastes; anyway you always have to remember that safety is the first prerequisite to consider.