Do I need motorcycle boots?
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Hobby? Motorcycling. Do I need motorcycle boots?


Hobby? Motorcycling. Do I need motorcycle boots?
Motorcycling is one of the most popular sport, especially with people who love nature and on the road adventures.
It’s a very exciting sport but it’ has to be practiced safely. According to this motorbike clothes and accessories are very important. They have to follow some standard: first of all they have to ensure the maximal safety but they should allow the biker to ride easily his/her motorbike.

The importance of motorcycle boots

Every biker should pay great attention to protection of legs and feet, because they are very vulnerable areas of the body.
Actually they are constantly in contact with the ground and are often subjected to vibration. They are the most involved in injuries.
Also weather has a great impact on legs, ankles and feet which can suffer from temperature variations, which can affect blood stream.
When blood stream isn’t good, also control of the motorbike could be compromised with serious danger for the biker.
According to these reasons is crucial to choose motorbike boots which follow high quality standards and ensure great performance to all the bikers.
Obviously, motorbike boots can protect better the all legs, because in comparison to motorbike shoes, they can support and protect also calf.
According to actual guidelines, calf should be covered by a  coating at least 16 cm high and motorbike shoes can’t ensure it.
However, the best motorcycle shoes provide a perfect protection for ankles, due to anti-torsion devices designed to keep ankles in axes.
In addition to this, boots have to be rigid, resistant to blunt instruments, abrasion-resistant and ergonomically designed.
All these are fundamental requirements according to compliance certification indicated by EN 13634 code.
Both if  you are a professional rider or an amateuro, the best motorcycle boots have to be certified in order to ensure the required safety. There are two different kinds of certification: level 1 indicated motorbike boots which can resist for 5 seconds to abrasion, level 2 is assigned to boots which can resistant fo 12 seconds.

Why choose motorcycle boots?

First of all motorcycle boots ensure safety both in case of accident and in everyday life.
Also comfort is fundamental. Bikers ride their motorbikes by using control pedals. Motorcycle boots are provided with reinforced toe which allows the rider to use easily the pedals.
If the boots are not comfortable enough, they may cause a tingling which is very dangerous because it affects sensitivity of the feet.
Motorcycle boots with reinforced toes help to avoid this discomfort.
Fitting is another important feature in choosing motorcycle boots, because they have to be very comfortable in order to to be useful.
According to this you have to choose models that fit perfectly on the shape of the foot. Size has to be perfect in order to support feet and ankles without creating obstacles to correct movements.
Actually, in order to ride well your motorbike you have to be concentrate. According to this shoes have to be as comfortable as possible. Boots should be provided with anti-torsion devices and internal pads.
High quality boots are usually made in leather, which ensure the best performance, but also synthetic materials are very good.
Talking about these last ones, they ensure the maximal breathability during the all year. Many motorcycle boots are provided with internal pads which absorb sweat keeping the foot dry.
All these pads are removable and washable.
The surface of boots are usually covered by water-resistant material in order to prevent water, snow or mud to enter the boots and to keep the perfect temperature for feet.
If you choose the right motorcycle boots, you can ride safely your bike in all circumstances.
Talking about aesthetic, innovative brands like Stylmartin have been studying for many years in order to provide the necessary safety with an interesting design. Today the brand offers a wide range of fashion models in order to meet all biker’s styles. 
Also closures are studied in order to be easy to lace and unlace; you can choose traditional zip closure, or self-adjusting hooks realized in aluminum or plastic materials. Often also strap is insert in addition to another closure system. Anyway, closure is designed to match perfectly the design of the shoes but keeping its function.
Motorcycling is very exciting, but every biker should pay attention to safety, especially related to legs and feet. Finally, today you can choose among many models in order to follow your favourite biker style enjoying all the safety needed.