Guide to buy motorcycle boots
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Guide to buy motorcycle boots


Guide to buy motorcycle boots
It’s very important in order to preserve your own health to follow the actual norms according to motorcycle clothes and accessories. Finally today on the market you can find many different options. Looking at catalogues of brand like Stylmartin you can choose among many models realized in compliance with actual norms.
Today there are many categories, in order to satisfy all needs and tastes. First of all you can choose between male or female motorcycle boots, because there are always more women who love riding motorbike. Then, you can choose boots according to specific season, or according to water-repellency, aesthetic and more.
Some brands, like Stylmartin, are considered the best according to motorcycling lovers. Actually, their products are realized using only high quality materials and the best manufacturer.  Each biker has his/her own needs and only the best brands can satisfy them at best. 

Protection with style

Motorcycle shoes have to be designed in order to be comfortable and rip and abrasion - resistant. Ergonomic design helps to move legs and feet while riding your biker.
Before being placed on the market, boots have to pass specific compliance test. However, only the best brands pay attention to aesthetic. Actually, italian designers take care of design of these kind of footwear; they are usually experts in motorcycling clothes and accessories.

How to choose male motorcycle boots

Before buying motorcycle boots pay attention to fitting. The best motorcycle shoes have to fit perfectly. Size and model have to be chosen paying great attention, because while riding your motorbike comfort has to be perfect.
Man bikers can choose among many models of motorcycle boots, both for winter and summer.
Talking about Stylmartin you can choose some models which are very popular especially according to specific features.
Stylmartin Urban Jack is an evergreen models. Jack are ankle boots made in full-grain leather and waterproof lining. The external surface is treated with specific products in order to make them water-resistant, internal inserts are in PU. Closure is composed by zip and laces. Stylmartin Jack are very popular ankle boots.
On the other hands Stylmartin Shiver is a model designed thinking about summer. Shiver boots are a mix between Made in Italy footwear and specific features of motorcycle boots. They are made in water-repellent microfiber and water-resistant lining. They are perfect to travel in hot weather.
For riders who don’t like laces, Stylmartin designed some models provided only with zip closure. Syncro, for example, is a very light model in full-grain leather designed in order to fit perfectly on the leg. They are second skin boots with a double lateral zip completed by straps to enhance fitting.


Stylmartin realized a specific vintage collection in order to satisfy all riders’ tastes.
Continental boots are traditional motorcycle boots but reinterpreted to be modern and contemporary. They are made in water repellant calfskin; closure are made of leather bands provided with adjustable hooks.
Legend are boots which told the history of the brand and they are in full grain leather, water repellent and breathable

Biker women

Biker women are very demanding customers. In order to satisfy them, Stylmartin designed models only for women bikers. Female boots are very good aesthetically speaking. Stylmartin takes care about every single detail and they are all compliant with the actual norms.
Pearl J boots are perfect for everyday and everynight. They are designed to be worn riding your motorbike or in your freetime. Anti slip and abrasion resistant sole  is designed to ride safely. Everything is made in full grain leather.
Choosing your motorcycle boots you have different options. However, remember to choose only the best brand which can ensure safety and protection you need.