Good motorcycle boots
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Good motorcycle boots: features


Good motorcycle boots: features
In order to choose the best motorcycle boots you have to know these very important accessories. What are their features? We’re going to give you some suggestion in order to help you to find the best motorcycle boots


Talking about motorcycle clothes not everything has to be certified. However, there are two exceptions: protections and boots. Talking about protection we’re talking about helmet, malleolus and shoulder protections etc… At the same time motorcycle boots have to be certified. Actually, feet have an active role in riding a motorbike: for example they have to bear the motorbike, they have to bear also our weight in particular maneuvers or keep balance. They are also fundamental in order to manage pedals or brakes. According to this you have to choose the best motorcycle boots, which can be precise and efficient but they have also to protect feet in case of accident: falls, collisions, slides on the ground. Talking about sliding on the ground  EN13634 certification has been studies in order to protect feet from abrasion. There are two levels: level 1 if boots can resist for 5 seconds, level 2 if tehy can resist for 12 seconds


The top quality materials is leather. Actually, today there isn’t any material more resistant and performing than leather. According to this leather is used in many ways. Anyway, the best leather is the so-called full-grain leather. It is very resistant and it is treated with superficial treatment in order to remove only hairs. It is also the most expensive but it’s the best of quality on the market. One of the distinctive feature of full-grain leather is to be covered by stripes and imperfection which make it very precious.
Suede comes from the inner part of the leather. It is less expensive and less resistant than leather and it is commonly used  for section of the boots that are not subjected to abrasion or impacts. Talking about aesthetic it is very pretty and can be used especially for fancy shoes in combination with technical materials.
Today there innovative materials which allow breathability and water-repellency. One of the most performing is Gore-Tex®  but there are many efficient options such as DryVent®, OutDry®, eVent®.
In the middle of outside and inside of the shoes are commonly located insulating materials in order to keep the right temperature. On the outside are located reinforcement made in Cordura or fiberglass; also ABS and Kevlar are commonly used

Inner lining

The inner lining is the only one constantly in contact with the foot. Also feet are subjected to abrasion coming from putting on and off the boots or from the friction of the shoes. According to this also lining should be resistant but soft on the feet. Under the lining, usually made of leather or natural fabrics, there are also the thermal insulation and breathable membrane


The best motorcycle boots have to protect feet and legs from impact, abrasions and cuts.
Specialists studied the different motorcycling disciplines in order to understand where pads have to be located in order to better protect the biker.
Talking about off-road boots, pads are commonly located on the shinbone, and they are commonly colorful made in fiberglass or Kevlar. Talking about other models pads can be located on the forefoot in order to protect foot also when using gear lever. Sole can be realized with differential resistance areas in order to better protect the all feet.
The all boots have to be also abrasion-resistant (see Certifications)
Closures are commonly composed by laces, strap or buckles. They are all resistant, solid and easy to adjust. Talking about laces, they are very useful because they can support a very big area. Anyway, each biker will choose the best closure according to his/her own needs. Our suggestion is always to try on many models in order to choose well
The best motorcycle boots depends on personal feelings but our suggestion can be very helpful.