Are motorcycle boots worth it?
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Choosing motorcycle shoes: are they worth it?


Choosing motorcycle shoes: are they worth it?
Motorcycle boots are fundamental for bikers, because foot, ankles and calf are the most involved in case of accident.
In order to choose the best motorcycle boots the best of safeness isn't’ enough; biker should also take care about comfort and handiness. This is crucial because comfort shoes enhance driving experience for professional bikers and amateur.
Choosing your motorbike shoes it’s very important to pay attention to quality, because safeness is fundamental (the best are certified boots) but also performance and aesthetic are important.

Motorcycle boots that are worth: why choose them?

On one hand, the best motorcycle boots should ensure the maximal protection, on the other hand they should also ensure a perfect driving sensitivity, in order to ride safely.
According to this you should also consider the boot tip, which could be rounded or tapering; in the first case toes are comfortably houses, but riding could be more difficult, in the second one toes are a little more compressed but riding is easier.
Anyway, big toe should never touch the shoe and other toes should move comfortably; you should try on your boots using your usual socks, in order to better understand if they’re fitting good.
The best motorcycle boots are always provided with a steel reinforced tip, whose role is to protect the front of the foot from pression.
Also models realized with synthetic materials have to ensure this protection just as leather boots.
Height of the shoes is related to the biker’s use; if you are used to ride your bike for many hours you should, probably, prefer boots at least 16 cm high, because the continuous vibration of the motorbike can alter the function of bones, joints, muscles and blood-vessels in legs.
It’s clear that high boots can support perfectly also calf and protect the all leg from impacts, vibrations and accidents.
During an accident, usually legs rub on the ground and should be protected by resistant and efficient devices, so the higher are the boots, the bigger is the protected area.
Quality of motorbike boots depends on the protection system which they are provided with; if boots have to be provided with reinforced pads which support the all calf, ankle boots can also have malleolus support.
Anyway, is fundamental support also ankle, which always has to keep the right position in order to protect the joint and booth boots and shoes have to be designed to ensure this protection.
Also malleolus should be provided with rigid and resistant pads to insert into the shoes, as in the best boots on the market.
Arch support should be recommended in order to support foot and legs while riding especially on rough road when vibration are more intense.

Motorcycle boots that are worth: characteristics.

In order to be the best, motorcycle boots should be safe, comfortable and cool; all these features are, first of all, related to materials.
Leather is the premium quality materials to realize motorcycle shoes, because it’s extremely resistant and thickness and water-resistancy make it perfect for any biker.
The only negative feature of leather is that it isn’t breathable, so it’s difficult to wear them in hot weather: foot can’t breath well and this should be a discomfort for bikers on the long run.
In this case it’s possible to wear boots realized in synthetic materials, they are lighter and breathable and keep foot fresh and dry.
Also closure is very important to consider, because they should be easy to unlace, especially in case of accident.
The best models are provided with adjustable self-locking hooks, sized according to the shape of the calf; when you set them, they stay unaltered and allow you to improve opening and closing.
Usually, it’s also insert a little pad, soft and removable which has to support perfectly foot, ankle and calf in order to improve fitting of the boots.
Also water-repellency is important, because usually riding your motorbike water or mud can stick on the external surface of the boots and it’s crucial that they don’t enter into the shoes.
Wet feet are dangerous for the bikers who can lose control of the pedals because of the reduced sensitivity caused by the cooling of the feet.
But the best motorcycle boots should last long; actually the best models are realized with materials and finishes conceived for lasting for a lifetime, especially considering the often extreme condition in which you ride your motorbike.