Choosing motorcycle boots: what to look for?
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Choosing motorcycle boots: what to look for?


Choosing motorcycle boots: what to look for?
Summer is here. Are you looking at your motorbike with a great desire to do a long journey in contact with nature? In winter are you ready to wear leather, metal, Cordura® or Gore-Tex® armor? 
Temperature can change, also hours change and, in the same way light and road are always different. However, the need to protect your body in the right way is always the same.
Clothes have to be the right ones. Nobody has ever seen a medieval cavalier with armour and flip-flops! According to this motorcycle boots are very important in order to protect your feet and legs. You need the best ones. Motorcycle boots should be nice, but also performing. Feet are the part of the body most subjected to injuries in case of accident. In addition to this they are fundamental in order to ride safely and to walk comfortably.


Motorcycle boots have to be resistant and they should last for a long time. Sole should be light but also very resistant. These boots are not designed to hike or to train. According to this, sole should be anti-slip, provided with tread suitable to use easily gear shift and break lever. Tread is not uniform, because different areas of the sole have different functions.


Reinforced upper is very useful in order to prevent the damage of the boots caused by the use of gear shift. Regulation system needs to be well studies. Some system are continuous variation ones. Buckle and buttons have to be resistant. If you choose the best motorcycle boots it’s easier to find replacement parts and support if you need.


Protections are particularly important over malleolus, toe and ankle. Also the lateral area need to be protected. Often, also sole is provided with an additional pad. Check the catalogues of the best brands to find the features of each model.


The best motorcycle boots are those ones you love to wear. If they are resistant, safe and performing but uncomfortable, probably nobody will wear them. Stylmartin works to create boots and shoes very performing but also very comfortable. Try on your favourite boots but consider carefully if it is the best for you.
Thickness of the material is different according to the area of the boots in order to support the feet where it’s necessary. The interior are lined in order to be breathable and comfortable, keeping the right temperature. Seams shouldn’t be uncomfortable for feet and pads have to be insert in order to keep the feet free to move.


According to the specific use of the motorcycle boots (motocross, touring, urban motorcycling) closures have to be adjustable in order to ensure a perfect fitting for your boots. Closures can be different: laces, straps, buckles ecc.. Each of them has is pros and cons.
Straps and buckles commonly stay closed, also in case of fall, laces allow the biker to adjust better the boots on the legs. Obviously exist also boots provided with mixed systems. 


The higher are the boots, the safer they are. Sometimes, in case of accident feet can get caught under the motorbike. Pay attention to the height of the boots according to the use you normally do of them. Look for the right compromise: if you don’t use your boots for long journeys, probably high and heavy boots are not the best alternative for you.
Actual norms about safety require severe compliance tests. Boots should always be certified according to EN 13634 norm. This compliance certification is composed by two levels related to abrasion-resistance: 5 seconds for the first level, 12 second for the second one.

Long-lasting boots

The best motorcycle boots have to last for a very long period. Motorcycle shoes and boots by Stylmartin last for decades. Stylmartin pay great attention to details, materials and production. These benefits will accompany you for many years if you choose these motorcycle boots.