Are motorcycle boots fashion?
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Are motorcycle boots fashion?


Are motorcycle boots fashion?
Talking about protections needed riding a motorbike everybody thinks about helmet, padded jacket and trousers with knee pads.
Only a few people pay attention to footwear. However, choosing the best motorcycle boots is fundamental in order to have a complete protection.
Anyway, talking about motorcycle boots, are they only protection devices or are they also accessories for everybody

Motorcycle boots: the boom in Fifties

In 1953 Marlon Brando made motorcycle boots very popular due to the movie “ The Wild One”.
After this also the pop band “The Cheers” had a great influence in the popularization of motorcycle boots with the song ''Black denim trousers and motorcycle boots''. The song talks about a rebel young boy who, after escaping from home, decide to have a very high speed ride on a motorbike which ended up into a fatal accident.
Also comics mentioned motorcycle boots. Probably. many people don’t know that the famous Catwoman, in the original DC Comics version of the story, wear motorcycle boots together with the famous suit

Motorcycle boots become accessories

In movies and songs motorcycle boots became an accessories to wear also in daily life in order to create a specific mood. According to this also designers started to design motorcycle shoes following fashion trends.
It’s a situation similar to what happened to many sneakers: everybody wears them also if you are not a sporty person

Motorcycle boots: features

Let’s start saying that motorcycle shoes have to protect feet from weather and in case of fall, they have also support ankles and, talking about boots, legs.
That means that resistance is the most important feature talking about motorcycle boots and according to this technology today allow to design solid but light motorcycle boots.
At the same time another important element to consider is comfort. Bikers have to ride comfortably especially during long journeys.
Last but not least, stability and anti-grip are fundamental. Let’s think about the boots are subjected to many stresses during their daily usage. According to this modern sole is designed to have a very high grip also in bad weather

Are motorcycle boots fashion?

The answer is “Yes, of course”. Today many people wear them also if they are not biker and motorcycle boots are today completely accepted into fashion.
In some circumstances magazines and blog give also suggestions about the best way to pair motorcycle boots for the best outfit.
Blue jeans and motorcycle boots are the most famous match, but today many magazine propose to wear them also with handkerchief dress for a grunge result.
When we talk about motorcycle boots, we commonly think about black leather boots with lateral belts. However, today there are many alternatives proposed from the best brands and every biker can find something perfect for his/her own tastes.
Today motorcycle boots are fashion accessories and the best brands design many different models and shape according to contemporary trends.
Anyway the first function of motorcycle boots is to protect feet and legs. Design and aesthetic are important but safety and protection have to be the first feature to look for.
Choosing your motorcycle boots remember always to choose the best one according to protection and comfort and pay attention to aesthetic and fashion also later.