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Venice LTD Premium Styl waterproof sneakers: Rider’s Inner Soul. Stefano, when passion vibrates deep inside you.


Venice LTD Premium Styl waterproof sneakers: Rider’s Inner Soul. Stefano, when passion vibrates deep inside you.
The launch campaign for the new Premium Styl capsule collection, featuring the claim RIDER’S INNER SOUL, digs deep into the innermost soul of various characters. Riders inside, they take us into their world with real instances of storytelling that accompany waterproof sneakers  and their different occasions of wear. A series of stories that are doubly linked with the passion and talent that Stylmartin puts into Premium Styl, the maximum expression of real Made in Italy. A tale of emotions born out of creativity, deeply rooted in Italian craftsmanship and knowhow for the construction of unmistakable footwear in fine materials with top-quality manufacture.
The second star of the campaign is Stefano, a 30-year-old boy from Milan, whose first real passion in life is his work as a session guitarist, which means he travels extensively, also on his bike.
Stefano likes to take time out alone, a chance to jot down his thoughts and ideas about life and music. For him, music is the maximum expression of his essence, from rock to jazz, blues and funky, and his life is all about rhythm and vibrations because—as Nietzsche used to say—without music life would be a mistake. His artistic and nonconformist soul is expressed in his new VENICE LTD BLACK, sneakers with minimal design made entirely in Italy by the Stylmartin artisans in a soft water-repellent full-grain leather, individually hand brushed to give them a naturally distressed look. True synthesis of style, for standing out from the crowd—something that Stefano does naturally.
An idealist, Stefano allows himself to be transported by music and, as if by magic, this embodies his innermost soul, an ancestral warrior spirit that is also poetic and refined. This is the same personality we find in VENICE LTD BLACK, a sneaker featuring top-level manufacture and quality, evident in its details, like the punched logo on the tongue and the gold-coloured logotype on the side. A sophisticated metropolitan sneaker, ideal for motorcyclists, that accompanies Stefano on all his adventures, however winding and impervious the terrain may be, ensuring he reaches his destination safely.
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