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Premium Styl women’s fashion shoes: Rider’s Inner Soul. Asia, a story of freedom and independence.


Premium Styl women’s fashion shoes: Rider’s Inner Soul. Asia, a story of freedom and independence.
The launch campaign for the new Premium Styl capsule collection, featuring the claim RIDER’S INNER SOUL, digs deep into the innermost instinctive soul of various characters. Riders inside, they take us into their world with real instances of storytelling that accompany the different women’s fashion shoes  and their different occasions of wear. A series of stories that are doubly linked with the passion and talent that Stylmartin puts into Premium Styl, the maximum expression of real Made in Italy. A tale of emotions born out of creativity, deeply rooted in Italian craftsmanship and knowhow for the construction of unmistakable footwear in fine materials with top-quality manufacture.
The first star of the campaign is Asia, a 30-year-old girl from Tuscany, vibrant and with many interests, who tells us what life and freedom mean from her very personal viewpoint.
Asia is a freelancer who knows what she wants and has learnt to know what she loves: meditation, playing music, dancing and travelling on her bike and off, in order to reconnect with her innermost nature. A refined, wild soul, expressed by her new Stylmartin CONTINENTAL LEO LTD, a restyling of a classic boot model that is half off-road and half adventure, characterised by the softest water-repellent full-grain calfskin with graceful on-trend details, such as leopard-print pony skin, 24-carat galvanised gold fasteners and totally artisan construction.

Asia is a free spirit, one of those people who dream with their eyes open. Perhaps this is precisely why life has, at times quite sharply, brought her back to reality, and she has found the strength to start over, even after disappointment and pain. A girl who has been tempered, who after weathering the storm alone, has come out with her head held high, even stronger than before and now wants to share her experience with the world. This strength is also expressed in her look and her fantastic Continental LTD Gold boots, a combination of style elements and fine details, such as heat stamping, gold-laminated leather, internal ankle-bone protection in PU and non-slip Vibram sole.

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