IRON motorcycle sneakers: a combo of style and performance.
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IRON motorcycle sneakers: perfect for your trendy outfits with a street feel.


IRON motorcycle sneakers: perfect for your trendy outfits with a street feel.
IRON motorcycle sneakers stand out for their night-time, metropolitan look, with accents and details in a deep red, and for their distressed leather and two-tone mould-effect sole, which gives them a vintage look.
Perfect whether in the city or in the saddle, thanks to soft full-grain leather and same-colour comfortable ankle bone and gear shift protection. Top of the range safety and comfort, guaranteed by details such as a non-slip sole, waterproof breathable lining and anatomic insole, for a totally waterproof sneaker.
IRON are versatile and look great with an urban street style, perfect for both Café Racers and Harleyists, and even for a city ride on a KTM. These sneakers will become your must-haves.
Ideal with a pair of dark straight jeans to highlight their red accents and laces, IRON go well for a metropolitan look, teamed with a black leather jacket, or even as part of a more casual look, with a warm fitted puffer. Their urban design and natural worn appearance, a special effect given to the leather, will star in your most vintage and refined looks, for a stroll in the city or an aperitif with friends.
Easy to wear, this unisex model expresses all your style as a rider, whatever the occasion or weather conditions. A unique combo of performance and style, by Stylmartin.