Stylmartin VELOX WP motorcycle shoes in Esquire
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The dual soul of VELOX WP motorcycle shoes by Stylmartin picked by Esquire for a feature on style.


The dual soul of VELOX WP motorcycle shoes by Stylmartin picked by Esquire for a feature on style.
What do Esquire, the men's magazine par excellence, and Stylmartin, a symbol of passion on two wheels, have in common? They have both redefined style. In the mix and match ideas in December’s Modern Tailoring feature, the trend for contrasting languages, styles, material and shapes is expressed in a selection of urban outfits with a sporty feel.
This wonderful mix of different vibes is embodied by VELOX WP motorcycle shoes from the Sport U line, main players in one of the looks put together by Esquire. The lines, shapes and even the very name of this footwear by Stylmartin, all recall the world of racing, with materials and technical solutions specific to motorcycles. A crossover that captures the essence of the most thrilling motor sports, interpreted with the brand's masterful technology and style. The result is a streamlined sharp shoe that plays with shades of black, designed for those who love exciting road trips and a sporty look.
With their accentuated urban personality and slim design, VELOX WP are the perfect synthesis of innovation, light materials and sportswear inspiration. Uppers are in microfibre with breathable waterproof lining, and PU padding on both sides. Insoles are anatomical, removable and micro-perforated and non-slip rubber soles with “eva” shock-absorbing insert ensure more comfort when walking.

Available in sizes 39 to 47, VELOX WP express their dual soul to the max when worn with a pale grey suit, teamed with an unbuttoned black shirt and a matching vest top that pick up on their dark colours and create appealing contrast.
VELOX WP is the style choice for metropolitan riders who like their thrills and want to show off all the aspects of a unique personality and always have the world at their feet.