Launch of the new Stylmartin campaign for the new Street Styl collection
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Launch of the new Stylmartin campaign for the 2020/21 Street Styl line.


A concept that immediately links to what makes a real motorcyclist stand out from the crowd: their mentality and state of mind. An unusual way to describe the versatility of the new collection and its models, relating it to each rider’s personal attitude, a mix of experiences, stories and different backgrounds. A unique innovative approach that sees footwear become synonymous with different lifestyles and fully represent the “state of mind” of every motorcyclist, from the most sporty to the most adventurous.
In an unprecedented and original story, a split visual associates a certain model of shoe with each of the riders starring in the campaign: a dichotomy that symbolises the strong link between a rider’s mentality and a certain kind of footwear. A way of passionately talking straight to the heart of each rider, highlighting the great quality, craftsmanship, care and stylish innovative character in the new Stylmartin collection.
A line of footwear designed for motorcyclists, capable of accompanying every rider on every trip, meeting a desire to explore and discover new places, teamed with maximum protection and safety. Footwear in the Street Styl line is in fact protective and EC certified, yet also perfect for a stroll in the city or a hike in the mountains, ensuring maximum freedom and style. Always.
A collection that is the result of our brand’s vocation for sourcing the best, most resistant materials, a study in style that, in over 40 years of business, has led us to the creation of footwear that is increasingly lighter, more comfortable, and better performing, characterised by sporty design and 100% Italian.
A brand that has written the history of motorcycling and which will continue to do so with great style and elegance.