Name: Josè
Surname: Salvans Juarez
Nationality: Italian
My name is Luzzi Nicholas, I was born in Fano on the 12/04/1987 and I live in Corinaldo, in the center area of Italy. I graduated in 2006 as a technician in the mechanical industries.
I am currently working as a numerical control machine programmer but my real passion is riding my bike, so since I was 20 I always competed in the Italian championships, making it become my real purpose in life.


  • 2014-15 - Bridgestone Champions Challenge, 1st place Class 600 Under 30
  • 2016 - Bridgestone Champions Challenge, 2nd place Class 600 Platinum Grid category (MV Augusta F3)
  • 2017 -  National Trophy (MV Augusta F3, Team Extreme Racing Service)
  • 2018 - National Trophy (MV Augusta F3, Team Extreme Racing Service), 5th place