Name: Edoardo
Surname: Mazzuoli
Nationality: Italian

I started racing very late at the age of nineteen. I won some amateur races with a 125sp bike in 2009.
In 2011 I become Italian vice-champion and I was able to reach 3°rd absolut place also in 2012, in CIV 250 4T as a private rider.
In 2013 I managed to reach two podiums and one pole position before leaving the championship to move all the focus on 600SS.

In 2014 I raced only in one event because of some sponsor problems and I was able to reach te 5° position in CIV 600SS National Trophy.
2015 was influenced by a bad injury. After the recovery, I raced the last CIV 600SS races reaching a top10 result in wet conditions in Mugello.

2016 I raced the last three races of CIV 600SS improving lap times and staying always in top15.
During 2017, I participated at the CIV 600SS National Trophy as one of the top riders, reaching the 5°absolute position, one podium in Mugello, one pole position and three races leaded.
For 2018 I will race as wild card in Italy or Spain with Alex Gramigni Team and I will work as an instructor at his riding school called Old School Racing, based in Mugello.
Since 2014 I work as technical commentor at Racebooking.net, the most famous race social channel.
In 2016 and 2017 I worked as instructor at Luca Perdesoli Riding School.


  • 2009 - amateur racing, 2° (1-Win / 1-2nd / 2-Pole)
  • 2010 - Mototemporada / W.C. European Alpe Adria
  • 2011 - CIV 250 4T Vice Champion
  • 2012 - CIV 250 4T, 3°
  • 2013 - CIV 250 4T, 6° (1-3rd / 1-Pole)
  • 2014 - CIV NT 600SS, W.c. Misano 5°
  • 2015 - CIV 600SS, 24° (1-top10) / MES W.c. (1-2nd)
  • 2016 - CIV 600SS
  • 2017 - CIV NT 600SS, 5° (1-2nd / 1-Pole)