Name: Dario
Surname: Azzolini
Nationality: Italian

I was born on 21/05/1988 into beautiful “Romagna”, called engine’s land. When I was at school, I raced with minibikes and worked as a pizza delivery guy to afford sport’s costs. As soon as I finished school, and started to work, I bought my first dirtbike and started riding in mx local racetracks. For me, jumps were more interesting than corners and overtakes and youtube done the rest….I’ve spent a lot of time watching and dreaming Freestyle motocross videos, and my goal was one: Hitting ramps!!

Time passed, but goal was still the same. I’ve worked hard, and now I’m part of the biggest FMX team in Italy and Europe, DABOOT!!

For me it’s like living a dream, I’m so proud to be part of this team, and I’m either really happy to have support from a a big company like Stylmartin.

I couldn’t ask anything better!!


  • Daboot profmx rider since 2014.
  • Ride in EICMA, Bologna’s MotorShow, Redbull XMasters Award.
  • I took part in one TopGear’s episode as a dirtbike rider.
  • I have also worked as a Stuntman in Mirabilandia amusement park.
  • 2017 I’ve been riding in Russia, to have training with a big russian redbull rider, and in Malta for a big international FMX show.