Why to wear motorcycle boots
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5 reasons why to wear motorcycle boots


5 reasons why to wear motorcycle boots
Any biker knows what riding a motorbike means and, according to this, he/she continuously takes care about his/her motorbike in order to keep it always perfect.
However, you should consider that your health is more important than the motorbike; it’s weird that today many bikers don’t use  all the protection needed in order to ride safely.
We want to show you 5 good reason to wear one of the most important protection: 5 reason why to wear motorcycle boots

Protection in case of accident

In our day life we are commonly on a rush when we move from one place to another; we also have a lot of thing to think at especially when we’re riding.
Anyway, we alway can risk to be distracted from something else when we’re riding and it is very dangerous. Also remember that in case of accident bikers are in great danger, because not only the impact, but also the motorbike itself can cause injuries.
But we can prevent the worst. You should know that 15-20% of accidents involve feet and legs, and this means that in 1 accident over 5 your legs are in great danger.
This is the reason why to know how important are motorcycle shoes is crucial.
Choosing the best motorcycle boots it’s the only solution in order to avoid dangerous consequences riding your motorbike. The best models are provided with devices designed to protect legs; in particular anti-torsion devices are fundamentale.
It’s also important to remember that many models are realized with leather: it is flexible but also very impact-resistant.

Comfort and safe riding

Everyone would like to ride safely; however, you have to know many things especially talking about motorcycle boots.
First of all the best motorcycle boots are very comfortable. Choosing your boots you have to select the best one according to your own needs.
This kind of boots are designed in order to protect the all foot, especially the ankle, which is very vulnerable. Highest models are designed in order to protect the all leg. Each biker can choose the best according to his own needs and habits.
Comfort is fundamental riding your motorbike and, probably, closure could be a distraction for the biker. According to this, the best motorcycle boots are provided with closure very safe and comfortable. Usually they have closure composed by adjustable buckles and straps. Talking about motorcycle sneakers, laces are designed to be easy to lace and unlace but they are also solid. But first of all they are comfortable and don’t distract the biker

Injuries prevention

Traditional shoes, often, are uncomfortable and are not so safe.
On the contrary motorcycle boots are designed to prevent injuries. They ensure a safe riding but they are also very comfortable when you walk; their sole is realized to cushion but also to keep the foot in the right position.
Sole has to be wide in order to support and prevent feet from dangerous movements

Protection from weather

Once in your life, probably, weather changed when you was riding your motorbike end you ended up completely wet.
Obviously this is one of the most common snag you can encounter during your motorcycle journey. According to this you should always consider that if you ride your motorbike for a long time you have to be ready for this.
Motorcycle boots are very useful also in this context because they are made in leather or synthetic materials treated to be completely water-repellant. Usually, these materials are also breathable in order to allow the feet to keep the ideal temperature


People commonly think that performing shoes can’t be fashionable. However, brands like Stylmartin made them change  their mind. Looking at the models they appear glamour and contemporary. Anyway you can have all the protection needed wearing very stylish motorcycle boots, so you can drive safely with your comfortable footwear.
Our suggestion is to looking for your favourite models always paying attention to quality and safety.