What look for in a motorcycle boots to buy the best to wear
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The best boots to wear on motorcycle and what look for in motorcycle boots


 The best boots to wear on motorcycle and what look for in motorcycle boots

Talking about motorcycle boots, safeness is crucial regardless of the model. In order to find the best boots you have to look for specific technical features. According to the aesthetic individual tastes take over.

The best boots: features

Not all motorcycle boot on the market are certified. Even though they are very similar on the surface, only the certified ones ensure the maximal safeness, which is crucial when you buy motorcycle boots.
Certified motorcycle boots are recognizable by the code  UNI EN 13634, which certify the compliance of the boots to safeness norms. This code is, usually, followed by the years of the certification. Today the latest one is UNI EN 13634 2017. According to this we suggest to choose only boots with the latest certification, because compliance tests are constantly updated in order to convey the best of safeness.
Also materials are very important when you are looking for the best boots. Full-grain leather is famous as premium quality material according to resistance and longevity of the shoes. Also materials have to be certified and identified by ISO 11642 code.
Microfiber is one of the technical materials most used, also because of it value for money. However, it is not as resistant as leather. But pay attention: leather should have a thickness of about 2,5 millimeters in order to be very resistant
Anyway microfiber boots are very useful, because are light, breathable but also resistant.
In addition to this, the best boots have breathable lining but waterproof in order to be used in all season, also without overboots.
Others important elements are the tip of the shoe, which should be hard, the sole, which should be made in anti-slip rubber high 4mm. Finally torsion-resistant inserts are very important if you want maximal sefaness.

How to choose motorbike shoes

Buying motorcycle boots you should pay attention to some elements
First of all the boots can cover the all calf or only the ankle; both models ensure the safeness of feet and ankles, essential riding a motorbike, so you have to choose according to your tastes
Probably, if you use your motorbike especially in summer or spring, you will prefer light and breathable boots, made of technical materials; on the other hand, if you like a classic cafe racer style you will probably prefer the higher ones.
Fitting is very important. Buying your boots, you should try them on wearing your usual socks and you should do some movement to test the comfort of foot and ankle.
Boots have to be of the perfect size because they have to support legs without constrict them. Too tight boots can affect joint and bloodstream.
It’s necessary to choose ergonomic boots which  fit perfectly on the foot. In fact, motorcycle boots are to be worn for a long time and they should be comfort to prevent discomfort and distracted riding.
Stylmartin studies constantly the way to create shoes that fit perfectly. Their boots are very comfortable and can be worn also with simple cotton socks and they are perfect riding or walking.
In addition to this also closure is very important, because it should be comfortable and handy. But also aesthetic is relevant. This is the reason why producers like Stylmartin designed solid, resistant and  handy closure which are also perfectly matched  with boots design and style.
Leather straps with metal adjustable hooks for bikers who love the traditional style, or self-blocking adjustable levers and velcro if you prefer a contemporary design.
The best boots are safe shoes also in everyday life. These shoes provide all the insert necessary to protect legs and foot during accident or dangerous driving conditions. But, at the same time, their structure is studied to protect and offer the best of comfort in everyday situation. This feature is very distinctive, because only the best motorcycle boots offer a perfect protection also  from ordinary impact and situations.
Talking about safeness, pads can’t be too intrusive or too warm to prevent foot and ankles from dangerous vasodilation phenomena. 
All these elements are fundamental to choose the best motorcycle boots. It’s up to you to choose according to your habits and needs.