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La Ruta Del Nabab


There are journeys that leave a special place in your heart, they nourish the soul.

There are journeys that leave a special place in your heart, they nourish the soul. Do you know the feeling you get when you are part of a close-knit group and share unique experiences with your travelling buddies? 

The trip with La Ruta del Nabab was an emotional experience. A group of riders and friends; 8 days together, 1.400km travelling through a beautiful land to discover and explore: Morocco. These numbers sum-up La Ruta del Nabab; an event difficult to describe in words.

We were not alone, a team of photographers, mechanics, guides and more made this all happen. Everyone’s clothing, made from only the best materials, had original colors and patterns, our team stood out in style. The organization took care and provided everything for us. Every small detail, including our bikes, inseparable companions, were painted for the occasion and made unique.

Spectacular and extraordinary views, unknown paths and roads to explore: from desert dunes to dirt roads through small towns. Breathtaking sunsets coloring the sky red and the celestial blue of the ocean created beautiful landscapes. 

His experience was a trip with a 360-degree view! We appreciated the local cultures and learned to get to know ourselves better: to live with our thoughts, fears and limitations.

It all started in Marrakech, one of the largest cities in the country, where we returned on the last day of our trip, after visiting Ouirgane, Taroudant, Agadir, Mirleft, Icht, Tata and Talliouine. Throughout the various stopovers, we met extraordinary people and listened to their stories. We also had the opportunity to appreciate the local cuisine; Tajine is one of the most popular dishes.

Some days were exhausting: it was very hot and the sand blown wind was very hard to handle. These extreme conditions pushed us over our limits. The high temperatures during the day were alternated with those at night, which were extremely cold.

We lived this adventure with one certainty: we were a team that left no one behind. Our group life-force always guided us to overcome the difficulties and unpredicted events that occurred during such long journeys.