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I viaggi in moto del Cicca e la Sere - discovering the Americas

Discovering the Americas

A journey that began four years ago and was interrupted because of the pandemic; today the dream of traveling the American continent from north to south was finally realized.

Rome, Fiumicino airport, we leave our motorcycle at the cargo terminal knowing that we would see it again two days later in Toronto and that our on-the-road journey across the American continent would begin from there.

We explore the eastern part of Canada, pushing on to the wilds of Labrador and Newfoundland where nature is truly a spectacle.

In the U.S. we travel endless highways passing from bustling metropolises to towering mountains, endless prairies, and Caribbean islands.

Mexico enraptures us with its culture, palm-fringed beaches, music invading the plazas, and excellent cuisine.

Entering Central America we discover a truly fascinating interweaving of cultures and peoples, as well as immense active volcanoes and archaeological sites nestled in the jungle. Not to mention the many species of animals that are easy to observe in the natural parks.

From Panama a new flight, for us and our motorcycle, due to the impossibility of crossing by land the approximately 160 km of jungle separating Panama from Colombia, the infamous Darien Gap.

Arriving in Bogota we start south again, until we cross the equatorial line, and then arrive in Peru a fascinating and varied state: the spectacular vestiges of ancient civilizations, the Andes with its majestic peaks, the funny llamas that watch us pass by.

An unmissable stop at the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, where we sleep under a sky cloaked in stars that we will never forget.

The last part of the trip winds its way through the wonders Argentina and Chile have to offer us, zig-zagging from one country to another as we discover arid deserts, colonial cities, mythical roads, pristine glaciers and granite peaks.

Crossing the Strait of Magellan aboard a ferry and disembarking in Tierra del Fuego to arrive in Ushuaia (where the road ends), is but the concluding act of a journey that has taken us to get to know very different peoples and cultures and forced us to put ourselves on the line every day

Accompanying us for some 50,000 km were the indestructible Stylmartin Navajo Evo WP boots that braved all weather conditions and long stretches of dirt road.

Where we were able to take off our boots, we enjoyed the comfort of the versatile Stylmartin Vertigo WP motorcycle shoes with which we not only rode safely but also tackled long treks to explore the Andes.